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So I thought since they are such a vital part of my life and they will be popping up here constantly, there should a formal introduction to my gang of pups. You know, test the waters, shake some paws. Sniffing rear ends is not required.

So to jump right in, let me try to wake someone up to say hi.  It’s Newton!  He is our old man beagle, the leader of the pack and in no way wants you to bother him.  Wait, do you have food?  Well, come right in don’t listen to what that lady says, where is that food?

He is 11 years old, we adopted him when he was 6 and he has been in charge ever since.

Favorite pastimes:  Sleeping on the couch, sleeping on our bed, sleeping on my sweaters (I don’t know what it is to leave the house not coated in dog hair) napping in any patch of sun he can find, eating, snacking, noshing of stuff between meals.  Running into stinking seaweed at the beach, stealing coffee and ripping up paper into a million pieces if he feels he isn’t getting his way. Newton and I both can relate to Sally in the Charlie Brown Christmas.  “All I want is what I have coming to me, all I want is my fair share.”

Last and he will never, ever, ever admit this, but he loves his two little brothers.  Sure he acted all put out when he realized they weren’t leaving but we can tell he loves them, don’t tell anyone it would ruin his street cred.

Introducing Newton!


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