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if lil’ Jen here saw how adult Jen was acting this week she would have given me, us? a good kick in the pants.

It would have been well deserved and I probably would have had no retort.  I can’t even pin point what mood I was in.

I felt like I had some sort of brain cloud.  I was tired and moody, and angry at myself that I had no energy.  It rained all week and I felt like my feet were always soaked.   I knocked out everything on my to do lists but nothing lifted this funk.   All I wanted to do was hide under the covers and eat toast so I was even grumpier when I had to be a grown up and actually make dinner and do dishes and walk the dogs and clean the house.  Boo Adulthood.

Can I get sidetracked for a second and say that I would love to have that coat now, I was a fashionable little kid! (more…)

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