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Do you know what the upside of making your own birthday cake is?

You can try a recipe that peaked your interest way back in February but when you told your husband about it a face was made.

“Black tea icing?  I don’t know?”  he says.  “You can make it if YOU want it, maybe I’ll try a piece”  he says.  “There’s still some old off name brand ice cream sandwiches half melted then refrozen and squished in the back on the freezer I can eat if I don’t like it”  he says.

Then he gives me the other face, the sad one because we won’t be having a fancy dessert that night that he would like.

“Sigh” I said.  And in the back of my mind this recipe went, only to reemerge when my husband asked if I wanted him to make my birthday cake.   “No, thank you I can make it” I said and  I cackled wildly shouting “I will have my cake and I will eat it too.”

O.K in reality I may have not have said that last part out loud, but it was said in my head.

The wait was well worth it and fun fact, my husband had eaten a piece every night for dessert until it was all gone.  Well worth the wait indeed.

What is more perfect than tea and lemon?


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I’ve recently had a birthday.  I’m dealing with it.

That’s not true, there is nothing to deal with, I’m 34 and I’m just fine with it.  I’m in a good spot is I guess is how you could say it.  I like my view from here.

I like where I’ve been and I’m excited for what could be coming.  What I make happen.  I’m gonna be brave.  I want to learn and have fun.  You get to tag along, I’ll make cake.  (In my head those last few lines were in the voice of Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.)   Lists are fun right?  I love a good to do list.  Everyone seems to like them, it’s so satisfying to whittle them down.  So In honor of my 34th I’ve been compiling my 35 LIST.  I’ve got a year, so I better get going.


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My husband waits in giddy anticipation for when the sign goes up saying “Jersey Peaches are here” at the market.  Me, I can take a peach or leave a peach.  I harbor no ill will towards them or wish them any harm, they are just not my fruit of choice.  Maybe it’s because he grew up in New Jersey that he has a better appreciation for them.  Like I am when I find a decent bagel like I had growing up in New York.  Whatever the reason may be, when they arrive I start getting not so subtle hints about Peach Pie.

So, because I love him it only took 2 weeks and a disastrous peach cake incident before he got a Peach Pie from his grandma’s recipe with a buttermilk crust.


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A peach pie was made.

It was human approved.

It was beagle approved.

Recipe coming soon.

Hang in there, Monday is almost over.

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Once upon a time there was girl from New York.

Fast forward, Fast forward.

Then during high school she and her mother moved to Cape Cod.

She hated it.  Then she loved it.

Fast forward.

Then this girl went to college in Philadelphia.

She loved it.

Fast forward.

Then she met a boy.  He was dreamy.  He deserved a cake.  Something amazing.

This girl was not confident in the kitchen or anywhere to be honest.

She turned to her trusty Martha subscription and found a delicious looking cake.  A buckle?

Whatever,  if Martha calls it a buckle who is this girl to argue?

What the heck is a springform pan?  Oh gosh this girl might be in over her head.

Maybe this boy would like an Entenmann’s?


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