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Happy Friday Folks!

After a long week I hope you all get to spend some time having fun.

In Larry’s case it’s the thrill of chase.

But you do what you want.

Have a Lovely Fall day everyone!


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Larry and I ran out the door for work the other day and I had to make a quick dash back to grab a sweater.

A sweater…swoon!

Yes the air was crisp, down right cool.  Sure within an hour I was sweating in my sweater but in that first moment my mind went into fall mode.

Fall, the greatest of all seasons and I’ll fight you tooth and nail if you say different.  Not really but you would be wrong if you said different.  It’s a fact.  I know these things.

Fall holds many things for me and one that always went hand in hand with pumpkin and apple picking was getting to stuff my face with apple cider doughnuts.  They are as much a necessary part of Fall as are corduroy skirts and boots. But alas Fall is technically a day away, TOMORROW! I  just sang that as Annie.  Fun Fact: my sister and I had that soundtrack on record and would sing it on the top of our lungs while making up gymnastics routines.

Anyway, since it is not fall yet but doughnuts were on the brain I am giving what has become my go to doughnut recipe.  This comes from Tracy at Shutterbean and adapted from Baked: Explorations.  They are amazing and not difficult at all. I added a coconut topping for my husband and a powdered sugar topping for me because nothing beats an old-fashioned powdered sugar doughnut.  I’ll fight you on that!


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I fell in love with the sky today. It happens very often, my husband understands.

I love dramatic clouds,  I love puffy clouds, I love twilight hour, I love morning sun.

The sky is a canvas that never ceases to amaze me.

Today started stormy.  I rushed to do my chores.

I don’t know about you, but in my little town we have to take our own trash and recycling to the dump.

I took this standing next to the pit.

I don’t know what the actual name is but I call what I throw my trash into the pit.

I only got one shot off before an elderly lady yelled out of her car that I was holding up the line.

No one was behind her.

I still flushed with embarrassment and immediately got in my car and left.

I love the sky.


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Because one of my boys turned 5 this week, because my husband loves me and is my biggest supporter, because I have photography showing at a gallery this month (ooh la la, fancy me), because I made doughnuts (recipe soon) and tried lots of new recipes this week, because there was a crisp chill in the air these past few mornings, because at the end of the day no matter how tired or overworked I am I love these pooches and I hope I make their days a little bit brighter.

Have a fantastic Friday folks!

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If you have been playing along of late you have probably heard some grousing coming from my direction.

Sorry about that.

But for today we have victory because today we have a day off! Next week we may even have another day off but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

So for now I will seize this day and get out my To Do list.

Maybe even take a nap!


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