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Things are calm and beautiful on the Cape today.

It may be different in a day or two.

But today is a perfect fall day.

We are no strangers to storms by the ocean.

A hurricane or the weather man sneezes we lose power, so we prepare every time.

That was what my day is today. Get water, food, batteries.

Batten down the hatches.

But for now we are calm and the day is peaceful.

Stay safe all and lets hope Hurricane Sandy decides to leave us to our peaceful ways.

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Happy Friday Folks!

It’s nice to have someone to call your friend that you can have everyday adventures with.

It’s nice to know that someone has your back and they know you have theirs.

It’s nice to know you have a lookout when you are up to hijinks and shenanigans.

Hope your weekend is full of adventures!

Have a fantastic fall day everyone!

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I like to try to get a handle on the holidays early.  You know, have my to do projects planned out, pinned on my holiday pinterest board.  I like to know I will not be in a tailspin leading up to the 25th and that I can just sit back and enjoy the season.  Please don’t roll your eyes at me because this is not how my holidays actually play out.  I have high hopes every year but I usually end up calling my sister saying their gifts should have been there by now knowing full well that I am currently wrapping my nephew’s gift cards that I just picked up while on line at the grocery store.  I’m sure many 12 and 15-year-old boys would be happy to wait a little longer for a cracker barrel or home depot gift card.

Every now and then I do manage to pull off a holiday coup.  Last year I made my husband an advent gift bag calendar.  I had been wanting to do something like that since our first Christmas together and by golly 13 years later I sort of did.  I made him 24 different little gift bags as a countdown with sundries and such.  One day it was orange tic tacs which he loves, a gift card to i tunes, a note to meet me for hot chocolate or for a night of cheese and crackers and watching Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas.  Of course there was the day I panicked because I had no gift ready and just put the two dollars I had in my wallet in the gift bag.  Despite that one blip in the countdown I was rather pleased with how it all came together.

So I have hopes that this Christmas season will have some success in the pre-planning as well.  I have lots of big ideas again all pinned and ready for me to take the reins.   I want to try new cookie recipes for the cookie bags we give to our co-workers. I had the idea of having a virtual cookie swap or holiday party with you guys, let me know if anyone else wants to do something. I even thought of a 12 days of dessert to bring to work but my husband thinks that I may make myself crazy with that so we will see.  It’s usually around this time I think I should test new desserts for Christmas dinner but then I usually never do.  Well I did!  I found this in Sky High irresistible Triple-Layer Cakes and thought it would be a nice addition to a holiday meal.

The cake is delicious and light but with some substance. The filling is the star of the cake.  The vanilla blends well with the cherry and cranberry for a nice tart taste.  I made this with an almond swiss buttercream but would definitely use a cream cheese frosting next time.  I’m afraid I am just not buttercreams biggest fan so maybe you will like it as is.

So fingers crossed that I can keep this pre holiday planning and doing going and when you feel overwhelmed by it all have some cake and remember it’s not suppose to be stressful even though it is and you panic and give your husband two dollars!


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Happy Friday Folks!!

Did your week take too long to end?

Mine did.

Not bad, just long.

Don’t worry I have forgotten all about it and only have Pumpkins and Apples and Corduroy Skirts and Boots and Bourbon Pudding on the brain.

Is that normal?  No need to answer, of course it is.

Have a fantastic fall day everyone!

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Hey you? Yeah you.

Are you sitting down? No wait!

Standing may be better.

You Know, in case you have a sudden desire to run victory laps in celebration.

Of course sitting is safer.  You may get light-headed and I wouldn’t want you to fall. That’s me looking out for you, you’re welcome.

Either way, hold on to something securely bolted to the ground.


I think I may have just taken my soup project to a whole new level.

A my mind was blown at how delicious this seemingly unassuming soup tasted level.

A when it was ready and I tasted it, I immediately texted my husband at work and may have used “R” rated colorful language to describe how good it was level.

I received no response back.  Blurg!

He didn’t try any of it.  Though to be fair I didn’t really encourage him to either.

I  didn’t want to share.  It is that good.

What’s that?  Oh, you were expecting more earth shattering news?

Well maybe I did over hype it but it is so darn good I wanted to make sure you were listening.  Sorry.

But you know what they say and by they I mean no one I have ever met. “Go big or go home.”


Why would going home be bad?  I love going home.  I think I’m losing focus here.  Anyway.

Home is where I can make more of this fantastic roasted red pepper and eggplant soup and eat it all.  And you should too!


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