What is the calculation of the scaffolding

The calculation of the surface pressure from the scaffolding

The surface pressure is defined as a force per contact area between two solid bodies. This is also known as normal load distribution and occurs within a contact surface when those bodies are pressed against one another. At Geruestbau.org you will find helpful information on the calculation and the maximum permissible surface pressure of the scaffolding.

Within the framework of the scaffolding, a number of sizes must be calculated in advance in order to ensure safe subsequent use. For a working scaffold, in addition to the partial surface load from the scaffolding according to DIN 4422, the surface pressure of the scaffolding must also be calculated. In contrast to the physical quantity pressure, however, like stress, for example, it has one direction and is therefore not isotropic. The value of the surface pressure of work and protective scaffolding depends not only on the material properties and the force used, but also on the surface contours of the solid.

The determination of the surface pressure of the scaffolding

If you want to calculate the surface pressure of the scaffolding, you need to know which scaffolding group is involved. For DIN scaffolding, only values ​​for scaffolding groups 4-6 are calculated here. The parameters of the scaffolding bay length and width of the frame scaffolding, the size of the decking area, the actual load and the resulting usable weight are of major importance for determining this:

Scaffolding bay length (m) x scaffolding bay width (m) = size of the decking area (m²)
Actual load = worker (100 kg) + work materials (kg) = total total load
Total load (kg) / surface area (m²) = available usable weight (kg / m²)

After this calculation, the existing usable weight is compared with the permissible usable weight according to DIN 4420 and the permissible scaffolding group is again determined:

Scaffolding group 4 = 300 kg / m²
Scaffolding group 5 = 450 kg / m²
Scaffolding group 6 = 600 kg / m²

The actual determination of the surface pressure is then carried out separately for individual weights:

Individual weight of the load (kg) / base area of ​​the load (m²) = surface pressure (kg / m²)

This result is ultimately checked using the permissible surface pressure in order to determine the permissible scaffolding group:

Scaffolding group 4 = 500 kg / m²
Scaffolding group 5 = 750 kg / m²
Scaffolding group 6 = 1000 kg / m²

Things to note about the surface pressure of the framework

The surface pressure of mobile scaffolding cannot be calculated because a mobile working platform must always be assigned to scaffolding group 2 or 3, while the normal load distribution is only calculated for scaffolding groups 4-6. Furthermore, personal weights are only taken into account when determining the usable weight, but not for the surface pressure, which is also included in the calculation of the load on the scaffolding.

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