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Would you like to go abroad and discover the world, learn a new language, get to know a foreign culture or work in another country? Then start your stay abroad with us now! Whether during school, before, during or after your studies: We support you in the planning, organization and implementation of your dream abroad and advise you on the search for the right program for abroad. Whether school exchange, au pair, internship abroad, work & travel or language trips: the choice is yours. Experience your adventure abroad now and get to know countries like the USA, Australia or Costa Rica.

Discover our countries

Europe, North America, South America, Asia or Oceania - the choice is yours. Decide for yourself where your stay abroad is going. In many countries you can even spend an entire year abroad. For example at a high school in Canada or during an internship in the USA.

Discover your possibilities in our countries and at the same time learn exciting facts about the country of your choice. So, what are you waiting for? The world is beautiful and just waiting to be discovered by everyone.

Good reasons for a year abroad

Regardless of which program or country you choose, you will come back more self-confident, more independent and with fluent language skills. The experiences you gain during your stay abroad will develop new talents, interests, perspectives and new goals for the time afterwards.

  • Perfect your language skills

  • Experience a different culture up close

  • Improve your resume

  • Get to know people from all over the world

  • Strengthen your flexibility and intercultural communication

  • Gain experiences that you will never forget

Experience of exchange students in the USA

When I think back to my time in the USA, I can only say how happy I am to have pursued my dream. I had a lot of great and unbelievable moments that I look back on every day. I don't regret a minute.

I learned so many things there, I became more independent and self-confident, I was able to improve my English and met great people. These 10 months have shaped me with a lot of experience and will never miss them. I can only recommend this step to everyone.