Is love separable

Sex and Love: Can They Really Be Separated?

Separation of love and sex is not a problem for many men, it is often not that easy for women. At least that's what you thought for a long time. Today it has been found that women, like men, can separate sex from love.

Men's myth: separation of love and sex

Actually, this myth was brought into the world by men so that on the one hand they can justify their own sexual behavior and continue to feel good about women. Many men find it difficult to cope with simply being “used” for sex in between - something that they like so much to reserve for themselves. This misconception stems from the time when women were still financially dependent on men and could not afford to cheat or even lead a self-determined sex life as a single. Since women today are more and more self-sufficient, they also allow themselves one or the other man for sex without obligations.

Separation of love and sex not possible for the woman?

It is very possible for women to separate love from sex. Because women can enjoy passion and satisfaction with a man without having to have equally great feelings at play. Often it is even the case that too much feeling in bed tends to inhibit and boring sex is the result. Still, women are different from men in that they are more likely to have affairs than frequent one-night stands. Often a good friend comes into play, whom you like but don't love.

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