What does Gimmel mean

 Family history

Draft of the family crest.


History of the GIMMEL family:

As far as is known, the Gimmel family comes from Silesia.

Meaning of the name GIMMEL:

Gimmel, Gimel (or Gimael) is the third letter of the Aleph-Beth.
Gimel is pronounced as "G".

Gimel is the name:

It is very likely that the name Gimmel comes from the Hebrew alphabet. There the third letter is called Gimmel, Gimel or Gimael. It is written as follows:


The letter Gimmel

Gimel (or Gimael) is the third letter of the Aleph-Beth.
Gimel is pronounced as "G". Cursive handwriting With "Gimel", as with all consonants, first the consonant and then the vowel sign below it is pronounced. Take a look at the examples. If there is a "Psik" to the left of the Gimel, which is a small apostrophe, Gimel is pronounced like "Dsch", like the "G" in the English word "Genesis", or like the "J" in the English James. You really don't need to worry about the "Psik". We just mentioned it for the sake of completeness. A "psik" occurs in Hebrew only in foreign words, especially in English and Arabic words. E.g .: if you want to put up an advertisement for "Jeans", or if you want to write a Hebrew letter to cousin "George".

What does Gimmel stand for?

Gimmel is God's goodness and grace, the mercy he shows us every day. Dew drops and sufficient rain are His blessings, which the Holy One, praised be He, allows them to flow generously on earth from heavenly heights year in and year out. As it is said: I will give rain to the land in due time.

GIMMELFinnish pop group:


Songs of the group GIMMEL:

1. Ripsipiirakka
2. Lentoon
3. Roviolla
4. Harmaata lunta
5. Hall
6. Sydän pliis särkekää

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