Is a Corolla better than a Cruze

Which is better Opel Astra or Chevrolet Cruz. Gearbox and engine.

First of him comparative test Ford Focus. And Chevrolet Cruze, which I was able to spend a year and a half and a half ago when Rostov fell asleep in the first snow. The disoled disciplines who then assessed the operation of the braking system and the controllability of the driver, as well as the geometric permeability and the accelerated dynamics of the cruise.

Winter evening before the new year. Rostov went first snow, utilities, as always, not ready. Food in focus, put sixty taganrog, is empty, easily done. Suddenly, from the adjacent road right in front of your nose, the girl is poured onto a crunel - decided to slide at the intersection, but the wheels get in the snow-covered streak and the Chevrolet touches it, it gets across the street. The steering wheel left, right, drove, a snowdrift ... Everything cost an encouraged bumper - thanks to the dealer presented for winter Nokian. Hakka, who kept the car completely on the trajectory.

And now we have almost the summer, and all the same Ford with cruise - but now all the advantages and disadvantages of cars can be assessed in a relaxed and relaxed environment, and at the same time compare the popular models with another classmate - Opel Astra ..

The appearance of all three test takers is modern, but okay with the challenge. Did the joke, for the whole time the test on our "Trinity" driver of passing cars draw attention to the attention only once - when one of the photographers climbed onto the roof of a high pavilion behind a good frame. Even so, each of the models has the memorable design - the focus and cruise is concentrated on an aggressive front, and Astra in the body sedan is not an example of a promorm-free GTC that keeps on opening up.

By the way, Opel Astra and Chevrolet cruze recently survived restyling, which had a positive effect on the appearance of models. Waiting for the update and focus - and more radical than its competitors.

I will immediately say - fully observe the parity of today's test, may not be able to assemble three cars at the same time in Rostov, where there are no official representations of companies, it turned out not to be so easy. They took cars from dealerships based on the "take what they give" principle. Therefore, sprinkle on the bodies (focus in the body of the hatchback and Cruze and Astra - sedans) and gearboxes - (Ford model on the "handle", the other two cars with "Automata").

Each interior is original, but the leader in the level of equipment and quality - Opel in the version of COSMO

First I take the Chevrolet Cruze - the chip of his salon in light-colored fabric inserts that revive the interior. Despite the fact that the model is long in production, the interior of the Chevrolet is still relevant. The Koreans' ergonomics turned out to be successful, with the exception of the finishing materials are slightly rude. From the minutes - not very logical work of the "climate", we woke the car and to understand the temperature settings adjusted on the way. Do it reflexively. The optional display of the chevrolet Cruze multimedia system in the LTZ configuration deserves only one positive review - it doesn't even look at the bright sun, and the speed and interface don't cause any complaints.

Opel Astra Ford. Focus chevrolet cruze.

All three cars are available with "Automata", but the focus was on the version on the "mechanics". And a pity, since Fordshift is the FORDERSHIFT the most on the gearshift

In Astra replant, make sure that the machines are essentially built on a platform. This is informed of these details that only with the transplant from the car in the car - recognize the same ignition lock as well as some secondary buttons. But in general, salon Opel. Astra gives the impression of more expensive and high quality due to the leather suede seats, tactile sensations from the buttons and a smaller amount of hard plastic in the COSMO configuration. Same is the same as the cruise - the "SEL-THROVE" option is not here, only here you are addicted to the numerous buttons scattered on the center pocket. But it looks like the whole stylish oval wardrobe on wheels.

Opel astra ford focus chevrolet cruze

Each participant in the test drive can be seized both with an economical engine 1.6 and with more powerful versions.

The focus salon is perhaps the most futuristic of today's "Trinity". Of course, with the change in the expensive version of titanium, here the best materials of the finish, but also in simple focus equipment. Trend and trend sports despite the lack of a number of options, salon is no worse. For design - first place. But closer than in classmates - after all, it is primarily a driver for the driver.

Landing is more comfortable in Astra - because of its steering wheel, I have to stand up once and I don't want to go out. Seat moderately rigid, with good lateral support, and behind the passenger compartment Astra-Sedan looks to be pulled back. Gain on the practicality and trunk of sedans - in focus it is less due to the body of the assembly line. For comparison, however, I have looked into the luggage separation of the sedans in the Ford dealership, it is longer and more disciplined, although the load height is great due to the high line on the raised floor. Due to the convenience of the trunk opening lock, the Astra loses the circle and focus, the trunk does not open the outside - either from the key or from the cabin.

Expected underdog on overclocking dynamics - Chevrolet Cruz. The fact is that the test you have with a basic engine is a car. In a tandem with a six-speed "automatic", such an engine has a smooth ride. But Cruz turned out to be the most economical for the test - less than 10 liters when driving around town with air conditioning included!

And those who want more, you can safely recommend Cruz with an engine, with an engine 1.8 - one hundred and forty "horses" under the hood is already enough for those who like to get stuck.

Opel astra ford focus chevrolet cruze.

Cruise and Astra Accent charcoal properties. shifted and focused on comfort - in the direction of driver ambitions

Speaking of which!

Analysts predict the next jump in sales in the golf-class market - they say buyers have been seen by Utilitian "government employees" and plan expectations grew. Not surprisingly - the average price of the car sold in Russia last year was about 900 thousand, and this is just the cost of a well-equipped car-golf class.

And the ultimate Ford FORD focus, the city flow rate never drops below 11, even in a quiet driving mode. However, the focus is perceived more dynamically - and not only the test 125-strong, but also weaker, with 105 "horses under the hood." Mechanics "- no complaints, transfers are clear and the coupling is" light "and informative.

Can't say a few words about the presiding "robot" Powershift is still popular in Russia. On the one hand, the Six-Step-Box changes quickly, without delay. On the other hand, when urban driving gets stuck in traffic jams, it doesn't cost without "pins" when they switch to the second and third changes, and as the run grows, such a "diagnosis" only improves.

Opel Astra with a turbine is already developing 140 hp. That in the "absolute standby mode" the fastest risk of 100 km / h arrow of the speedometer overlaps in less than 9 seconds. The hydromechanical "automatic" is not as tiny as the focus robot, but it starts its work more smoothly. It is better implemented and manual mode - with a mandatory transition to lowering, you can safely go to acceleration.

Opel astra ford focus chevrolet cruze.

In the leads related to multimedia systems - Cruise and Astra

As with the work of the suspension, the machines are each configured in their own way. Astra and Cruz are more comfortable and comforting, subjectively, machines are perceived more softly than focus. Ford is tougher, but it is managed gambling - the chassis is configured to quickly accommodate lovers, rather than from the best of roads. Riding on the autobahn for all three participants in the test is easy - after all, the chasm in the settings of the chassis is huge compared to the "government employees" here. At a decent level and soundproofing all three cars, but there are guides and underdogs here. The quietest still Astra, and then follow descending cruise and focus.

Opel astra ford focus chevrolet cruze.

As soon as there was a loss of cars ahead, hit the accelerator pedal and then brakes sharply - all three cars slow down with no surprises, and the ABS engages on time. The exact measurements could not be made, but the Astra subjectively slows down, the Astra slows down, a little worse with cruising.

It's time to return cars for dealerships and we think of those who are still the best in the trio today. An explicit winner, our review was not revealed - each model has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as numerous armies of fans. The reviews of Ford Focus owners, Chevrolet Cruze, and Opel Astra on the forums coincided in many ways in many ways, and with today's perception of cars.

Opel astra ford focus chevrolet cruze.

For convenience and size luggage space, Guide Cruise and Astra

Chief Trump Chevrolet Cruze is an excellent combination of price and consumer quality. Modern design, good equipment and, following a recent restyling, turbo engines as an option - all of this makes Cruise one of the best offers in its class. Disadvantages cruise - an abundance of hard plastic in the cabin and a weak engine in the "base".

Astra-Sedan - one of the most practical and comfortable cars in its segment. With similar parameters, it is a little more expensive on the same cruise platform, but also wins in the level of equipment and finishing. If there is an opportunity to pay extra, it makes sense to make a choice for Opel.

Focus - selection of an active driver. In terms of controllability, it puts both competitor blades on an equal rival with the legislature of the genre in the VW Golf class. At the same time, Ford is loud, tough, and resilient. Feels like a more youthful car, especially in the tailgate body.

Who is against?

Today's test did not reach the numerous family of VAG concern - Skoda Octavia., VW Golf and Seat Leon (the cost of "medium-sized" complete sets from 800-850,000 rubles, "Top" - in the area of ​​millions). No less significant competition and "Japanese" with Toyota Corolla models. , Honda Civic and Mazda 3 - an average of 700,000 rubles for the "basic" versions and up to a million for "fully hacked".


Technical characteristics:

Ford Focus 1.6.

Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo

Chevrolet Cruze LTZ 1.4T at

Body type

Number of doors / places

Length, mm.

Width (mm.

Height, mm.

Wheelbase, mm

Front track / back, mm

Cut mass, kg

Full mass, kg

The volume of the trunk, l


gasoline S. direct injection fuel and turbocharger

petrol with turbocharging.

petrol with turbocharging.


front cross

in front, crosswise

in front, crosswise

The number and location of the cylinders

Number of valves.

Working volume, cm³

Max. Power, HP / RPM

Max. Torque,
N.m / rpm.

240/1600-4000 (270/1900-3500)



mechanical, six speed

automatic six-speed





Front suspension

independent, spring, McPherson

independent, spring, McPherson


independent, spring, multi-type

semi-dependent, spring, with a powder mechanism

semi-dependent, spring

Front brakes

hard disk, ventilated



Rear brakes




Performance functions

Top speed, km / h

Acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h with

Fuel consumption, l / 100 km

- urban cycle

- cutting circuit

- mixed cycle

NORMA toxicity.

Fuel capacity
Baku, L.

The editors thank you for support with the organization test drive:

C class cars. And it's not surprising. On the one hand, there is a fairly large selection of economical, well-equipped cars, while the prices remain relatively affordable, on the other hand - the presence of many mutually similar cars can even cause confusion. Which is better, Chevrolet Cruise or Opel Astra? Both belong to both general engines from issued. However, this is not a Gemini. Each model has its advantages, and the shortcomings are haunted. Let's tell about it in more detail.


Fans of the previous generation Opel Astra will not be disappointed. The continuity is visible to the naked eye. However, new trends should not be considered. It appears that the body is generally devoid of straight corners. All of this gives Opel a modern look. Plus perfect aerodynamics and add a car sustainability on the road. The form corresponds to the content. Even though Opel Astra and you don't call the race car, the dynamic and speed characteristics are very and very well worth it.

Designers also tried to give it some sports fence. And not to say that it wasn't possible. For example, the massive radiator grille gives the appearance of the car on animal performance and grace. Good headlights turned out. Extracted along the casing, they are a bit like the eyes of a hellish predator. The bumpers are thinners, however - it's kind of embarrassing even from the overall concept of the car.

If you choose Cruise or Astra, focus only on the body, Opel wins. Despite some successful solutions, Chevrolet Cruze looks unfinished. But in this regard is perfect - nothing superfluous, everything is in its place.


Opel developers are clearly admirers of the high-tech style. To make sure it's enough to look at the torpedo. You see such a number of buttons, toggles, and other types of switches except on the interplanetary controller. A considerable measure of time is required to study all of this abundance. But it's worth it, because then you can manage all the important functions of the car, even without exposing the view of the road. Can't say anything bad about the materials of the finish, they are not high-quality, non-attractive seams are not at all.

Salon Chevrolet not stripped either. Qualitative materials, no less accurate than a competitor, seams. Designer Chevrolet Cruze while training the parts of the cabin, again focused. There are also smooth lines of end elements and the instrument panel, in which the frames "wells" are divided into three parts. As a result, the instrument panel looks so stylish that, alike with other things in the choice of Opel Astra or Chevrolet Cruze, it can swing a cup of weights in favor of Chevrolet. I especially want to note the presence of many pockets, twigs and other "whins". There are where small things are used so that they are always at hand.

Engine and transmission.

Two at the service of Opel fans. Both petrol engines. One engine produces 180 "horses", the second - 101. Depending on personal preferences, you can choose. Are you a fan of Active Ride and crave complete control over the car? Good old mechanics at your service. Most bring back in town and appreciate the convenience and comfort (even with a loss of dynamism) - take the "automatic". Fortunately, he is good in Opel Astra: transfers switched without delays, it is possible to choose different algorithms.

Technical characteristics
Car brand:Chevrolet cruzeOpel astra.
Country of Manufacture:KoreaGermany
Body type:limousinelimousine
Number of places:5 5
Number of doors:4 4
Engine volume, cube. cm:1598 1364
Power, l. p. / approximately. Minimum.:109/6000 140/4900
Top speed, KM / H:185 202
Acceleration up to 100 km / h, with:12,5 9,9
Type of drive:frontfront
Fuel type:gasoline AI-95gasoline AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:mixing cycle ​​7.9; Route 4.7, mixing cycle 5.9
Length, mm:4510 4419
Width (mm:1797 1814
Height, mm:1477 1510
Clearance, mm:156 130
Wheel size:205 / 80R16.205/55 R16.
Curb weight, kg:1305 1298
Full weight, kg:1818 1870
Fuel tank volume: 60 56

Amateur Chevrolet picks a bit. However, Chevrolet Cruze was also recently completed with two engines. Namely 1.6 liters and Power 109 horse power For fans of minimalism and a volume of 1.8 liters with a power of one hundred and forty with horse nuts. Another engine was recently added which when it appeared a small amount of 1.4 liters produces exactly 140 horsepower.Plus, at the expense of a small volume, this engine has an enviable economy. In the Cruze-Vs Astra dispute, we put the plus card.

Conduct on the street

Chevrolet Cruze Test Drive:

As can be seen from, cruising is not a particularly powerful car. It's good in the traffic jams of a modern big city (a beautiful "On Nizakh" adds to that) but the Astre will definitely lose on the route. And Opel has "sharpened" all settings under fast speed. At the level of the hard suspension perfectly "processes" all irregularities of the parity, well adjusted steering does not allow the driver to lose control of the car in a cool turn. Chevrolet has worse handling.

Test drive opel car Astra:


Let's sum it up. The advantages of Opel Astra can be considered:

  • stylish body;
  • good aerodynamics;
  • futuristic steering column;
  • powerful engine;
  • good gear;
  • nice suspension and precise steering.

No less advantages and Chevrolet Cruze. Namely:

  • stylish headlights;
  • beautifully decorated instrument panel;
  • many pockets and compartments for small things;
  • large selection of drives.

So Astra or Cruze? It is very difficult to give a clear answer. Cruz a little cheaper and as mentioned above has shown itself well when traveling in the city. Element Astra Country routes, but it shows up at the traffic lights. But it's more expensive. So choose based on personal preference - both cars are worth each other.

Chevrolet Cruz has successfully assessed its market share. It's a modern, reliable car with athletic mothers. Even so, there are a number of competitive machines. They have both advantages and disadvantages against a Chevrolet Cruze background. As a result, the automobile market is constantly struggling between different machines trying to get buyers' attention.

Chevrolet comparison cruise and Ford Focus

Chevrolet Cruz has a number of advantages over Ford Focus. Conducting a comparison can be attributed the main part of the benefits:

  • a more comfortable steering wheel, especially compared to the Ford Focus 3;
  • good rating from the driver's seat;
  • the perfect design of the steering stand that FORD FOCUS 2 cannot boast.

Decide which car is better Ford. Focus or Chevrolet Cruze, choosing in the direction of the first is possible for the following reasons:

  • good suspension;
  • high quality material of the cabin;
  • effective noise isolation.

Cars are in a price category. Their cost ranges from 800,000 to 1,200,000 rubles.

Chevrolet Cruze or Opel Astra

Read us the reviews of the car owner Opel Astra Vulnerable to the crankshaft sensor abort. With its malfunction, the engine becomes completely inoperable. The gauge is installed on the bay of the hull oil pump. It creates a synchronization pulse thanks to which the controller determines the position and frequency of rotation of the crankshaft. According to this data, calculate the operating torque of the nozzles and repair the ignition module just to replace the sensor. Chevrolet Cruz is somewhat reliable in this regard. The cost of Opel Astra is under the same limits as the crust-like configuration.

Cruise against Toyota Corolla

Operation Toyota Corolla allows you to identify the following features:

  • many childhood illnesses;
  • the presence of crickets in the cabin;
  • high engine sensitivity to fuel and oil quality;
  • soft suspension;
  • the cost is higher than the Chevrolet Cruz and ranges from 1.2 to 1.5 million rubles;
  • adequate comfort.

Cruze or Skoda Octavia

Comparing the cars Skoda Octavia and Chevrolet Cruz is given in the table below.

Chevrolet compared Cruise and Volkswagen Polo

Determine what better Volkswagen. Polo or cruise, you can use the following advantages and disadvantages of German:

  • lack of "childhood diseases";
  • good permeability;
  • the cost less than that of Chevrolet Cruz;
  • robles rear suspension;
  • slow heating of the cabin.

Chevrolet Cruze or Skoda Rapid

Comparing cars from Skoda Rapid and Chevrolet, car owners note the low reliability of the camshaft position measurement system on Cruze. In some cases the engine continues to work, but at the same time there is a significant reduction in power and an increase in fuel consumption. Determine the fault is quite difficult. This requires a diagnostic scanner. Eliminate the problem, the sensor can only be replaced with the new one.

Compare Cruze with Mazda

Chevrolet Cruz and Mazda are analyzed by the key criteria in the table below.

Chevrolet compared Cruz and Honda Civic

Honda Civic has advantages over Chevrolet Cruise, where airflow sensor failure is often found. This leads to uncomfortable friction and errors in acceleration. The engine starts to use a lot more fuel. Troubleshooting is only possible by installing a new sensor.

Chevrolet Cruz and Citroen C4

Unlike the Citroen C4, while the turbo-charged Chevrolet engine is in operation, deliveries are often observed. The inappropriate design of the Opolev phase regulators leads to the motor dyssseligen motor. The cooling system pump resource is also small, so it starts with running more than 60,000 km. These problems are extremely rare on Citroen.

At the same time, C4 often gives problems with the failure of the suspension elements. The transmission is also impossible to call reliably. The cost of the car ranges from 1.3 million to 1.8 million rubles.

Overview of other cars

Another car in a similar price segment is KIA LED. The machine is characterized by good handling and safety. Kia is inferior to the Chevrolet in the reliability of the main nodes.

Definitive answer which car better chevrolet. Cruze or Renault Fluence is not. The first has a more modern filling, and the second is somewhat reliable.

Cruz came to replace the Chevrolet Lacetti. The car inherited all of the best previous design decisions. The main advantage of Lacetti is lower cost.

The quality of the main nodes crossed compared to Chevrolet Epic and Chevrolet Aveo. It's almost on the same level. At the same time, Epica is of lesser value. Experienced car owners, other things being the same, are advised to choose Chevrolet Cruze.

Another competitor to Chevrolet Cruz is Kia Cerato. The car is characterized by dynamic and comfort. Read us the reviews of the quality of Kia slightly worse than Cruze.

Very hot spurs are going on between the owners of the cruise and Ford Mondeo .. Both cars have similar characteristics and price range. At the same time, most drivers acknowledge that cruze handling is better on the lane.

After a long time I decided to put myself in order here. Background: I thought the throttle node, then on the sensors, it turned out to be in the ignition module, in the process of the cruiser of the wedge of the flywheel, accidentally brings the housing of the Cater CTP to the starter area and so \ u003d) took for a long time he doesn't start to write that. Of course, I'm not the first with whom this could happen at the most appropriate moment. But in my case, changing position at work was an option, and life forced events! Now I am waiting for a child and a wedding anniversary with which you can congratulate me.

To fix money it won't be soon, everything is on preparation and credit for the car! Of course, due to the hopelessness of the situation, the pit did not end, it is not over, but in full growth (170) you can stand to put your head under the car. The car from home was drawn on the wire, but she did not want to start the option, was 2 ignition module, fuel. During this (2) time we were able to push the car despite the rain with the help of neighbors.

The pit seemed a little uncomfortable, or rather short for my car, I had to remember cleaning with a machine gun under obstacles. Put your back and was glad the suspension was not signed \ u003d) The starter was removed a long time ago. He took off the protection of the crankcase (a few round gums left, who knows where it can slide. I also tried the wheels alike. Unscrew the bottom cover of the clutch crankcase.

The wheels are not a problem, but the nuts will be remembered for a long time! The nuts are specially curved so that they cannot be unscrewed by themselves. There was no suitable chisel in the garage, and a screwdriver and chisel started moving (the Kingdom of Heaven). Slightly on the existing tool, but in the future I dropped a small chisel in the future \ u003d) before another procedure requires a second person, but can take it ?! \ u003d) I decided to insert the molded buttons from furniture into the panes of the DC. Next, it was necessary to find the head for 30! On the way to the store turned home and found a suitcase check (future). I took a more comfortable Goroton from there (it seemed to me then). Long handle at the end of the cardan. But at the same time he seemed fragile.

The Internet also faced the fragility of keys in the process of getting rid of such nuts. Advice was given to buy a Gazelle or Zila balcony key. In the morning I decided that if another key was no different, then in the planned trip, for the Army Bakers Home, I would buy a new key. He took the usual knot (on the piece of iron foil that fasten the head). Fortunately it was stronger, but how I didn't jump on it (even the sole on the right boot took it off! Nothing turned out.

It also made the steering wheel worse, which turned easily with the drives and was difficult to control. Thus, the key kept trying to scratch the wing nut, not succumbing. I found some kind of pipe cm 15-20 so that the end of the key and the scrap combined, but it just swept it \ u003d). Accidentally pressed one of the neighbors and luckily it turned out to be a tap pipe. That helped me! He asked the same test on the phone (on the heart).

I went shopping. Immediately I drove home behind the shoes, my father's house almost convinced that the filler was needed to remove the flywheel. Next to the house went into the fasteners of the nuts, which turned out to be 30r, I decided to postpone the purchase of the purchase to the market. On Antoshka went shopping first.

The very first seller fell for a long time looking for a puller for the swing wheel VAZ 2110 and asked for help from colleagues. A little later she realized that it was not needed there \ u003d) I decided to purchase a puller for the ball t just in case. K. According to plan to remove drives! (As it turned out, the finger is not required to remove). What they just don't offer in the market. A soldier (which turned out to be for the classics for the classics) in one place 100 rubles.

But he did not find the seller, sent 250 to his neighbors, looked for a bolt in a long nut \ u003d), in another place I was told that I do not need it. The appropriate puller for the ball turned out to be 100 rubles cheaper than others (250 rubles, which they also valued from the steering). In the market the nuts were bought here at the same price as in the shop here and bought. The next day it was necessary to remove the drives of the front wheels there 2 screws on each side. (Only then did I learn that you don't have to unscrew from my finger \ u003d).

Then all sorts of wooden sticks. The metal blade pulled out of the box. Unscrewing the work box was not (3 bolts and 1 nut with a bolt that appeared to be in a box but was still found). Complete to shoot it alone! After unscrewing the boards and jack on them were placed under the car.

Some subdomains with all attempts to pull out that something is being prevented. And then I remembered some kind of left support that seemed right to me. Fasten the wheel side and 1a under the clutch cable. I picked the first one. Further brought the edge of the box over the ball so that the sloping jack has lowered the box onto the board.

Knows! Any oil that flows off the shelves of the drives during removal will remain in the muffin box. When removing the basket, the problem of free rotation collided again. But their strength only to overcome the next day. He knocks on the hammer on the old wreath, he does not shut the tears out of the flywheel (without chisels and drills, which some Resens!) On the same day, circumstances successfully developed in half an hour before the arrival tossed the flywheel in the freezer. And went to wash in the shower.

After the shower (min 20) everything combines quickly. The next day I decided to install the flywheel and disassemble the box to separate the part from the brushed one so it would be easier to transport. But nothing worked out the neighbor who suggested waiting for his friend who said it was necessary to relax the gear. It has to screw the tight nuts tight and you have to do it together.

He eventually convinced me to get too wrapped up \ u003d) Take advantage of the case that he tried to bring the box by car with the next service with argon. According to a friend of a friend of the neighbor, there was a pensioner who cooks well, but I met an insufficient reaction from the workers there. Everyone did not care, and it should be said that they were told that they were not operating in argon (probably they thought it was necessary to shoot the box, and after a little persistence it broke them, a master fell with one Kind of grandfather and is with kind of grandfather and finally said there were no welds. Riding around the district, in the garages, in the garages, with a canister. That day it didn't work and the garage was closed. The next day started removing the money to check the number recorded replaced, replaced 100R / 1 cm.

T. K. The car was already absent. I decided to put the box on the cart \ u003d). During the time the gasoline was seeping out of the filter to flush the spot of the weld and the SHARD.

At the set time, I installed the MCPP in the cart, turned on at the 1st speed \ u003d) and on the gases! On the same day, before work, the sweat completion did not have time due to the lack of the 2nd person (Zabukhal after the vacation). On the second day, I took my miracle on the same card \ u003d) That day was after the night shift, so it all took me in the garage and finished. (For example there was about 10 but I said there is no more than 600r and it will no longer boil inside, outside, just in the area where the starter doesn't turn on. The next day , immediately after work, I went to Anthoshka, the aim was to find a centering pin for the clutch, fluid for cleaning the carburetor (cleaning the box) and a boot for a fork.

Going around the entire Antoshka was no thorns! (Someone made a comment, yes, who's fucking her? (Automaster Like), 50 was asked about a boot. I went shopping and found a trunk for 35, on a thorn for 50 and for 150. I have some doubts in the proportions that they were supposed to represent of themselves, on the street home went to the fasteners. Similar proportions were in an option for 150 rubles (3 levels), but in the fastener for 150 sold the same as for 50 rubles ( 2 levels), it was decided to return to the first store and use 50 rubles.

Only the edge was 15-17 and not 20. Later in the garage, the mandrel was tested and it turned out that it was enough. Divide a basket with clutch. I started cleaning Nagar's box, and dirt Nagwesch dripped on oil.

I didn't like the cleaner. ABO was used before him, he has a pressure of two times more, there is no need to rub everything that almost all fell off by yourself. (I bought it once for 220 fasteners equal to 140r, but still not badly cleaned. 300 grams left! \ U003d) Next time I decided to build a box, even called a neighbor who proved his candidacy. Only he got nothing, grabbed the gentle oil level to tighten the box, then wondered that his wife was waiting for her to walk on her.

The realization of an almost hopeless position decided to strain, and invented something. First threw the box on the first tree under the car. Then somehow threw the left edge on the ball, the wooden stick was replaced under the right.

Put another noise from something to the left and put a jack on it. The rimming of the jack-left edge tried further and continued tucking the edge into the ball, causing the rod to disintegrate before breath transfer \ u003d). Eventually the left edge was nowhere to move, but the location seemed to rearrange the latch closer to the right.Rimming The Jack managed to hang the box for the left support! It almost meant victory. Further attempts to combine the motor didn't succeed until I decided to replace the 2nd area under the motor and lift it with a 2M socket. After it was convinced that both jacks were secure, the support unscrewed and began to weaken the 1st jack.

After the edge of the stiletto box appeared to be a few inches, I immediately planted the nut on it and tried to pull it out. I haven't pulled up the other bolts yet. Only then screwed the left bracket and pulled the box. There was a slight indentation under the starter at the place of welding, so I decided to smell a sealant. Next time I had to kill all day to install the drives! They precisely inspired me with nuts \ u003d) holder rings purchased 3 rubles, since it was written in the manual.

Everyone dance with a tambourine and math to remember after leaving trance Then she drove through the chisel with a hammer with a hammer with a hammer through the nut, the drive in the box (the locking ring should be lower and silent) with the left drive, only one bolt is just screwed. You can also twist after the hammer. After that, we turn the badly located nuts and bend them in the slots. After assembly, I poured a fusion oil t.

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In the future the money will not appear on the magician above the MH, and there the money will either buy an MH, either I'll do God's spark (for money the same) article from the website: .

At the same time, they are not only built on a common platform, but also produced in a factory. But whether the new Chevy can really compete with its European relative - a big question


"World" Jeemsky auto Chevrolet. Cruze appeared in 2009. Its lineup It started with the sedan, to which the hatchback was added in 2011, and soon the Wagon joins them. Cruze assembly salary at GM's Shushar facility under Peter. The current generation of Opel Astra, the world premiere of which took place for the fourth time in 2009. The release is also organized in the GM Peter facility. The new Astra has been sold in our market since spring 2010 and is available together with the previous generation. Hatchback - the basis of the current model line Opel Astra, in which, in addition to it, the car and three-door version of the GTC are included.


Absolutely unlike the interiors of our rivals under the note, it is equipped with unitary elements - they have the same steering wheel levers, buttons on the windows and buttons on the steering wheel. The Opel Astra Salon, however, leaves a more pleasant impression: finishing materials are friendlier than in Chevrolet. Additionally, there is a suspicion that the bright "canvas" that went into the upholstery of the front panel Cruze will be a pretty big brand. Almost all of the Cruze increase in length (91mm) compared to the Astra went into its trunk. Therefore, despite the spare, it has more volume in full size. But Opel in. Cargo space double floor, the height of which can be adjusted.


The atmospheric engine Chevrolet Cruze is better "luck" on the Nizakh, and therefore creeps in the drums of Moscow traffic jam, with which it is more convenient. Well worth it to show up a little, however, and Astra with its explosive turbophop will play right away. And in the operating room and Chevrolet leaves no chance. The Opel suspension is more resistant - better elaboration of irregularities and does not allow the swing. Cruze The suspension is a little softer, but hardly more comfortable. Accordingly, Astra regulates comfortably and turns more precisely. Chevrolet Cruze can oppose that just a simpler gear shift (palpable on Opel efforts) yes, a little better view through side mirrors. Clearly this is not enough to compose the account.


Prices for the basic Chevrolet Cruze with a 1.6-liter engine and manual box start from 562,000 rubles. Opel Astra with a 1.4-liter atmospheric unit and "mechanic" is valued at least 593,900 rubles, and with a 1.6-liter engine will cost 629,900 rubles. The most expensive Chevrolet Cruze - with a 1.8-liter 141-strong unit and "automatic" - attracts 769,000 rubles. Opel Astra in the top version of Cosmo with a 1.4-liter turbo engine of almost the same power and automatic box.It is worth a little more expensive - 794,000 rubles and a similar machine, but with the most powerful engine in the gamma - 1.6 Turbo, 180 PS - it costs 849,000 rubles. Taking into account Opel's superiority in equipment, we have exemplary parity.



Chevrolet Cruze - The car seems to be a good, but somewhat somewhat boring and unverified way. It has no bright features that are not memorable in design or behavior. In general I am cruze "not affiliated". Another thing is Astra! Everything is fine here and with charisma and emotions and with joy from the journey. The current generation of Astra has rarely been successful. Of course, it is possible to speculate about the price difference and the advantage of the participant in the Opel test over Chevy in the equipment and the power of the engine. But also in versions with engines of one volume and comparable chevrolet configurations. Cruze isn't as cheaper than Opel Astra, hence the desire to give it preference.