Is the ATC coin a real coin

The new MobileBanking app

So that there is more time for the important things

Even more secure, even more convenient - even more elegant: Bank Austria's MobileBanking app with new security features and a new design.

If you have a new smartphone, you can install the MobileBanking app from the Google or iOS store on your new device with just a few clicks. You can find detailed instructions here. Is your new smartphone from Huawei? More information can be found HERE.

Download the MobileBanking app by June 30th and, with a bit of luck, win an iPhone 12.

Even safer, even easier

Use biometric functions such as facial recognition or fingerprints as well as your self-selected authorization code to take care of your finances even more securely and easily.

Job recognition

The MobileBanking app automatically selects the right order type for you based on your entries. Now also support for tax office and donation payments, as well as for foreign orders.

Transfer even faster

Use auto-completion for recurring transfers: the app remembers your entries and payments.

Faster banking thanks to biometric functions

In future, you can quickly sign your transfers with facial recognition or fingerprints. Save yourself the hassle of typing in codes. The biometric order approval takes place exclusively on your personal main device. As a result, you are not only much faster and more comfortable, but also safer on the road.

Photo transfer

No more tedious typing of the invoice data: with the MobileBanking app, you can simply take a photo of your invoice. The software automatically recognizes the data and transfers it to the transfer form.