How do I find problems with theses

Problems writing

Dealing with problems in writing

Writing the thesis or master's thesis is a great challenge for many students. Some assume that writing a thesis only requires a little more technical competence and time expenditure than smaller jobs. But this is a wrong assumption! You will likely encounter stumbling blocks much more often in your thesis than in smaller written assignments. The following handling of problems has proven its worth.

1. Recognize the problem

2. Get angry briefly, rant, romp

3. Consider solutions or seek help from others

4. Implement the solution idea in practice.

That sounds very simple and it is. Most, however, get stuck at level 2 - the looser trap! Everyone was already inside it, knows it well and falls for it again and again. There's nothing wrong with drinking a glass or two of beer or wine and fretting over obstacles. But move on to step 3 as soon as possible - good friends will help.

Postpone work?

Our brain wants to avoid work in the short term and tries to console us by procrastinating or ignoring. The famous bastard is a child who lives in the present and knows no future. Therefore, the best option is to play through a leap in time: What are the long-term consequences if you give in to the “child” or, alternatively, play out the long-term consequences of your behavior in an adult position? It is a fallacy that someone will do the work for you! There are no brownies or good spirits to help you - unless you organize them into the form of friends, family, or paid supporters. Otherwise do it yourself and if possible: "Do it immediately"!

Thesis = problems?

This is in the nature of the thesis. It is maybe only twice as long as a term paper, but it is certainly three times as complicated to write.