What does the suffix ian

See also: he, he, ER, he

-er (German)

Part of speech: suffix, (male)

-he, -he
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ɐ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) Word formation element masculine nouns with the meaning of belonging, of dwelling according to the pattern "place" + "he"
2) Word formation element of masculine nouns with the meaning of exercising an activity, a profession according to the pattern "Verbstamm" + "er"
3) Word formation element for adjectives with the meaning of belonging to or type and manner of a region according to the pattern "place" + "he"
4) Word formation element of masculine nouns with the meaning of a product / device that does something, according to the pattern "verb stem" + "he"
Related terms:
1) -aner, -enser, -ese, -it
2) in foreign and loan words:-eur, -or, -ant, -ent, -ist
3) -isch, -anisch, -ensisch, -esisch, -itisch
Female word forms:
-er + -in, if the root of the word ends in -er (also):-in
Application examples:
1) A Viennahe comes from Vienna.
2) A teachinghe teaches a ridehe moves.
3) Berlinhe Air is the special atmosphere of Berlin.
4) The flyhe flies and the toasthe toasts.
Nominative: singular -he; Plural -he
Genitive: singular -ers; Plural -he
Dative: singular -he; Plural -ern
Accusative: singular -he; Plural -he


  • English: -er; 2) -or
  • French: -ois, -ien; 2) -eur
  • Greek (new): -έζος (-ézos) (male); 2) -τής (-tís) (male)
  • Italian: -ano, -ese; 2) -ore
    • Kurmanji: 1) -î; 2) -van, -er
  • Swedish: -are; 3) -ensk, -isk

Similar words (German): [a)]

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hammer: Origin of the term: Derived from Hamm with the suffix -er Female word forms: 1) Hammerin Application examples: 1) She is from Bochum, he is Hammer

Japanese:… 2) colloquial: automobile of Japanese make Origin of the term: from the noun Japan + -er Synonyms: 1) joking: Japanese; derogatory: Jappse opposite words: 1) ...

Kantians: -ian and -er Opposite words: 1) Hegelian Superordinate terms: 1) Philosopher, scientist, person Subordinate terms: 1) Neo-Kantian Examples of use: 1) There are a number of Kantians among the philosophers

screwdriver: ... from screw, joint element -n, the stem of the verb draw and derivative (derivative morphem) -er synonyms: 1) screwdriver opposite words: 1) pliers Generic terms: ...

computer: ... Derivation of the stem of the verb to calculate with the derivative (derivative morpheme) -er synonyms: 1) calculator, calculator, adding machine 2) computer, PC, personal ...

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