Why is math so important in school

Why math is important in school

Why math is an important subject in school

Often unpopular and felt as suffering over many years: Math. One of the most unpopular subjects and yet incredibly important. Many have difficulties in grasping the material, but the good grade in the Abitur is essential for their later career path.

Paving the way for your studies

If you want to study after graduating from high school, you should definitely work on your math grade. Almost all courses of study, whether business, technology or natural sciences, require a basic knowledge of mathematics. If this is missing and this can be proven by the certificate grade, it will be difficult to get admission. Every now and then it is possible to take proficiency tests in order to still be admitted, but these require a wide range of mathematics knowledge acquired over the years.
It is therefore more desirable to work towards a good grade in advance.

Off to the world of work

If you are aiming for an apprenticeship after high school, the final grade in math will also play an important role. No other subject clarifies whether logical conclusions can be drawn and analytical thinking is present. HR managers therefore like to pay special attention to the performance in this subject in order to be able to create a first impression of the unknown counterpart and to decide whether a conversation with a possible attitude is worthwhile at all. Math is an important fundamental component in any training.

Difficulties in studying and training

If you still manage to get hold of a degree or an apprenticeship, the preparatory work and learning for the Abitur exam is often the last chance to grasp and understand important basics. After that it becomes more and more difficult. All other learning processes are based on the basics in the Abitur and expanded on a study or training-related basis. If important connections are missing in advance, it can become an insoluble task to follow through with your studies or to successfully complete an apprenticeship. Important links can only be established with immense effort. It is therefore worth investing in learning for the Abi exam in advance.

Mathematics as a sponsor of the future

Today, math plays an important role in almost all areas of life, stronger than ever. Cell phones, tablets, PCs - nothing would be possible without math. Modern communication, as we are all used to today, is based on fundamental mathematical knowledge that was only made possible through its application, further development and the creative connection of several areas. Architectural buildings, from houses to bridges, are based on the principles of mathematics that are laid down in high school.

To outgrow yourself

No subject offers as much potential to prove itself as math. Logical thinking, analyzing, accepting criticism, finding solutions to problems, translating boring theory into interesting practice - mathematics can do all of this. It is not important whether you understand everything perfectly and without errors immediately. Many of the fundamentals can be tested again and again through exercises on suitable tasks until the logic behind them sits. And the more you work on it, the greater the joy of success. The feeling of having achieved something, not having given up. Math and the preparations for the Abitur are certainly not always easy and not the most fun pastime. But it makes it wonderfully clear that it is often worthwhile to just bite through. A finding that not only helps until you pass the Abitur exam, but also forms a further building block later in life so that you can better survive in your studies, at work and in everyday life.