What is a reborn baby doll

Decdeal lifelike reborn baby doll 24 inch tall silicone rebirth dolls soft touch dolls for kid child toddler birthday gifts with four leaf clover dress 【green】

This baby doll with silicone vinyl body, in real baby clothes, 24 inches from head to toe, gentle touch like a real baby. Perfect baby accompany toys, Christmas & birthday gifts, doll collecting.

Material: head and 3/4 limbs are made of high quality silicone vinyl, very soft to the touch and realistic, flexible. Doll body is filled with PP cotton cloth body, the doll cannot bathe or shower.
Movable: the head and limbs of the doll can be moved freely. It can sit and lie, not stand, or speak.
Face and Eyes: Hand-painted delicate face, high quality clear acrylic eyes, eyes can't blink.
Hair: high temperature synthetic wig hair, smooth and soft to the touch, easy to maintain.
Clothes: In real baby clothes, cute and lifelike, you can change clothes for the doll.
Application: perfect for baby accompanying toys, christmas & birthday gifts, collecting dolls.

Size: 60 cm
Material: silicone vinyl + PP cotton
Product weight: 1700 g
Package size: 55 * 22.5 * 15.5cm / 21.7 * 8.9 * 6.1in
Package Weight: 2000g / 4.41lbs

Package list:
1 * doll
1 * magnetic pacifier
1 * One set of costumes (just like the picture)
1 * bear toy