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iPad / iPhone Create iPhone ringtone - here's how


Ever since the iPhone has been around, the question of great new ringtones has arisen. Unlike many other smartphone manufacturers, who simply allow the use of an MP3 file, Apple has put a stop to this hustle and bustle - as is so often the case. According to Apple's request, ringtones must be purchased in the so-called "Tone Store", a special sub-category of the iTunes store. The prices are exorbitant: For example, you have to pay 99 cents for one second of R2D2 beeps - just like for all other ring tones.That doesn't have to be the case: if you don't shy away from a little work, you can easily create iPhone ringtones from your own music and sound collection.

Create ringtone from your own music on the iPhone

Ringtones for the iPhone can now also be created very conveniently on the iPhone itself. However, Apple's protected operating system prevents these from being used as ringtone directly on the iPhone. Instead, iTunes on the PC or Mac has to serve as a stopover. Fortunately, that's not as complicated as it initially seems:

Transfer ringtones to your iPhone

The further procedure is now a bit cumbersome: you first have to get the song from the ringtone designer app on the computer and then copy it back to the iPhone. Unfortunately, there is no other way, as Apple continues to treat the ringtone function very negatively and with reference to its own tone store. By the way, you can also transfer sounds from another source to the iPhone in this way (from step 3).

Create ringtones through iTunes


Of course, you can also easily create ringtones on your Mac or PC. All you need is iTunes. Then you can transfer the ringtone to the iPhone. To do this, follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the brief instructions.

Delete ringtones from the iPhone again

If you want to delete a ringtone again, that's no problem either. However, you have to do this again iTunes use and connect the iPhone: In the library view, select the iPhone and click on "Sounde ". All ringtones you have added yourself are visible here. Delete the tone that you no longer want to use by right-clicking on it and "Clear" choose.

Quick guide: Create ringtones using iTunes

  1. Select a ringtone or song you want. Is this shorter than 39 seconds, read on from step 3. However, if this is longer, you have to shorten it first. To do this, open iTunes and right click on the song. Then select "Track information" out.
  2. Under "Options"put in"begin" and "stop"Set the beginning and the end of the song. Then click"OK".
  3. Now select the one you want in iTunes title and click on "file". Then select"Convert" and "Create AAC version" at.
  4. iTunes will now create a new file. Rename thisso you don't confuse them with the original. Then right click on it and select "Show in Windows Explorer"or"Show in Finder".
  5. Change the file extension now from .m4a to .m4r.
  6. Open iTunes again and connect your iPhone. Then open on the left "Sounds". Copy the ringtone you just created [Ctrl] + [C] or [Cmd] + [C] and then add this with [Ctrl] + [V] or. [Cmd] + [V] in iTunes. The ringtone is then on your iPhone.