How do men have to pee while standing or sitting

Can urinating while seated lead to prostate cancer?

Men who urinate while sitting should not be real men and risk their health. Are these rumors? Or do history, culture, urology, hygiene or psychology provide evidence of this? We are therefore looking into the question: Is it healthier to urinate while sitting or standing?

We want to shed some light on this dark man's chapter. Because we are repeatedly asked whether it is better for men to urinate while sitting or standing. The topic is also hotly debated on the Internet and at regulars' tables, with sometimes hair-raising arguments: The final point is pissers, synonymous with wimp and warm shower, swear words that get down to business and mean that a man is not a real man.

Amazing history and culture

"Women let their water stand up, men sit down." This is how Herodotus describes the customs in Egypt, where women also move freely in the markets and pursue all kinds of professions. In doing so, he puts the behavior, which is literally wrong from our current point of view, in a direct connection with the more independent status of women in ancient Egypt. Today we are amazed or amused by this anecdote. But why actually?

Urinating while standing seems to be the norm for men around the world. For women, on the other hand, the squat is widespread, but is replaced by sitting in "Westernization" (because of the sit-down toilets that are common in industrialized countries for reasons that will be examined in more detail below). However, in almost all cultures, both sexes traditionally adopt different postures when urinating.

One can only speculate about why this is so. Because the fact is that urine usually hits the legs and feet not only in women, but also in men when they empty the bladder in a vertical position without using the hands. However, both can direct the beam away from the body with the right manipulation. So the decisive factor is not the anatomy, but the culture, which in our case only allows men to "lend a hand".

Is it healthier to urinate while sitting or standing? What does the urologist say

So is it healthier to urinate while sitting or standing? In a nutshell: We are not aware of any scientific research that would prove or even give an indication that the posture when urinating has a short or long-term influence on organ functions: Neither on the emptying of the bladder nor on the strength of the urine stream (the supporting pressure of the viscera on the bladder should be the same) or even on the prostate or sexual functions.

From an accident surgical point of view, urinating sitting down should be safer because of the lower risk of injury in the event of a fall. This applies to both men and women, especially at an advanced age and with diseases such as those of the heart, blood vessels or a sense of balance. Because of the (unlikely) possibility of an infection being transmitted through the toilet seat, the sitting position can also pose a health risk, especially in the case of poor hygiene.

From a hygienic point of view

The sit-down toilets that are common in our country are completely unsuitable for pissers of both sexes: Even with perfect aim, some of the urine splashes out again and pollutes the toilet and its surroundings. The consequences can be manifold, for example odor development, damage to the wall, floor and furnishings, feelings of disgust with the next user and therefore repeated use while standing, transmission of infectious diseases, increased cleaning effort, disgust on the part of the cleaning staff (this is often your own wife) .

"He had been the first man Fermina Daza heard urinate. She heard him on their wedding night, in the cabin of the ship that carried her to France while she was seasick, and the roar of his horse's waterfall seemed so powerful and so imperious that it only increased her fear of the injuries she feared. This memory often crossed her mind as the years gradually weakened the waterfall because she couldn't come to terms with the fact that it always left a wet toilet rim. Doctor Urbino tried to convince her with arguments that were easy to understand for anyone who wanted to understand her that this mishap was not repeated daily because of his carelessness, as she claimed, but for an organic reason: his youthful ray had been so definite and direct that he had won tournaments at school with his accuracy in bottle filling, but due to age wear the Str Not only had it become weaker, it had also bent, branched out and finally turned into an idiosyncratic fountain, despite all efforts to straighten it out. He said, "The toilet must have been invented by someone who knew nothing about men." He contributed to the peace of mind with a daily gesture that was more a sign of humiliation than humility: he wiped the edges of the toilet with him after every use Remove toilet paper. She knew that, but never said anything as long as the ammonia fumes in the bathroom were not too obvious, then declared, as if exposing a crime: "It smells like rabbit hutch here." On the eve of old age, the physical disorder itself brought him to the fore Solution: Like her, he peed while seated, which cleansed the glasses and left him in a state of grace. "

Quote from Gabriel Garcia Marques: Love in times of cholera

In fact, our sit-down toilets are more made for women. This is because in young boys the jet occasionally hits between the pelvis and glasses, and in adult men the penis can touch the inside of the pelvis. From a hygienic point of view, seated peeers still do significantly better than standing peeers. Urinals (pissoire, pee basin), which are unfortunately rarely found in private apartments, are even more suitable, of which there have recently also been special ones for women.

From a psychological point of view

To put it bluntly, one could say: when men were still patriarchs many years ago, while women sat at their homes and worshiped their husbands, male dominance was unaffected. Today there are only two things left for men, the second being disputed with the development of urinals for women: On the one hand, a certain physical superiority, on the other hand, the privilege of emptying his bladder while standing.

You can see everywhere that he likes to do this. While the female sex shamefully hides behind bushes in the great outdoors, he stands visible and upright at the roadside and relieves himself. This obviously plays an important role in the man's self-esteem:

"Because men who had been used for generations to let their bubbles, which were supposedly swollen from local wine, which supposedly promotes kidney activity, run free against walls and niches when it really hit them, would probably be little inclined to stick with them once and for all To facilitate a fixed place, where they lacked all those little comforts one feels when the ray chases an aphid, crushes a blade of grass, drowns an ant or harasses a spider in its web.

In the country, where there is a lack of diversions, one must take into account even the slightest opportunities for amusement and take into account the male privilege of doing all this standing, unabashed and carefree, which also increases the prestige of women, whom one expediently always uses with it reminded again of their imperfections, to induce them to control their corrupting tongues and curb their deafening screeching. "

Quote from Gabriel Chevallier: Clochemerle

So here we come to the psychology of men. More precisely, how he defines himself as a man. Does he see standing pee as a sign of superiority and virility or as an (occasionally) bad habit that he can change without questioning himself? Does freedom mean more to him than being able to pee at any time against the next tree or the next house wall? It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss these questions. That is why we leave it to food for thought, including the following:

"But now, Viktor finds out over the phone, JK is sick. It's frightening and amusing at the same time. The vigorous man, to whom weakness previously seemed defeatist and illness morally disreputable, cannot be imagined as a patient. Now the lion feels like a worm; the." Demigod, who has needed doctors as little as priests, realizes that he too is mortal. As tremendous as the strength is now, the pity is now. He not only feels beaten by fate, but also mocked because it is the prostate of all things that torments him. One goes to the ground honorably in his circles through a heart attack, but not like that. A giant who screams in pain when the urine is supposed to come and does not want to come is no longer a man, but a shooting gallery figure, he says when he telephones the former woman from the special hospital (which, by the way, is in the area of ​​the New Glory), with whom he can whine with a calmer conscience than with the new one, in front of whom he is everybody he is ashamed of weakness. "

Quote from Günter de Bruyn: New glory

Conclusion: If a urinal is available, the healthy man is best to pee standing up, if not, sitting down (at least at home if he is smart).

Last updated: 04.05.2021