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SurnameDwayne Johnson
star signbull
place of birthHayward / California (USA)
nationalityUnited States of America
size196 cm
Weight125 kg
marital statusdivorced

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Dwayne Johnson's profile was initially shaped by a career as a professional wrestler until he decided to become an actor.

Dwayne Johnson was born the son of famous wrestler Rocky Johnson and grew up mainly in Hawaii. After school he goes to Miami, where he studies criminology and plays football for his university. He soon had to give up the sport due to a knee injury and after graduating from university he decided to become a professional wrestler. In 1996 he was signed by the then "World Wrestling Federation (WWF)" (today: "WWE").

In the following years "The Rock", as he called himself for the first time in 1997, became one of the best and most famous wrestlers in the world. He has received countless awards, including seven "WWF Champion", two "Intercontinental Champion" and five times "Tag Team Champion". Dwayne Johnson first appeared on television in 1999 when he played his father in the series "The Wild 70s". Two years later he played the Scorpion King in the box office hit "The Mummy Returns".

A year later, an offshoot of the film follows with Johnson in the lead role in "The Scorpion King". He can further expand his acting career with major leading roles in films such as "Welcome to the Jungle", "Walking Tall", "Probation" and "Daddy Without a Plan". As a wrestler he is seen less and less and in 2006 he announced that he wanted to retire from the sport. As an actor he has appeared in "Family Guy", "Hannah Montana" and in the films "Be Cool" and "Get Smart". In 2011 he can be seen in the blockbuster "Fast and Furious Five", and he also appears in the following "Fast and Furious" films. In 2011, Dwayne Johnson returned to the ring.

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