AISEC offers internships in which countries

Awareness training in Africa

At the same time, the local committee is embedded in the organizational structure of Germany, which includes participation in regional and national conferences and promotes the development of a network. One of these regional conferences is currently being organized in Heidelberg. For this event, an organization team was set up to arrange the conference - a weekend with workshops and lectures for around 120 students from all over Baden-Württemberg. Overall, university students at AIESEC get the chance to learn what it means to take on responsibility for a project, a team or the management of an event in order to take away more from their studies.

In order to be able to do a social project abroad via AIESEC, the students do not have to be active members in Heidelberg. Every year 40 Heidelberg students gain experience abroad via AIESEC in around 20 different countries, including Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Ukraine, Kenya, South Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and Taiwan. The six- to eight-week projects are often in the field of education, such as English lessons for schoolchildren in developing countries, but also in environmental and health care - such as educating young women in Africa - or in administrative work in non-governmental organizations.

Most of the time, the students are housed in host families, where they can participate in daily life in order to get closer to the culture of the other country. At the same time, students from different countries are mostly active in the projects, so that an international environment is created that offers challenges but also learning prospects. Depending on the field of study, there is also the option of having a social internship organized by AIESEC credited as a compulsory internship.

“For me, AIESEC is an organization that gives us the framework to try things out and work together with other motivated people for what is important to us. The fact that we are so many different people from different countries and in different courses means that you have a change of perspective and can think outside the box. And of course that we have fun with everything and after a team meeting or an event we cook together or go out for a beer is important to me. I was able to take some good friends with me from my time at AIESEC, not only in Heidelberg but also from Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Mannheim, ”says Vivien, CEO in Heidelberg.

The Heidelberg members of AIESEC meet every two weeks on Mondays at 8.15 p.m. in the attic of the Marstallcafé and weekly in their respective teams. Interested students are cordially invited.

Anyone interested in membership can write an email to Anna: [email protected]

And anyone interested in a project abroad can contact Paul at: [email protected]