How did the Silver Surfer come about

Silver surfer

Silver surfer

Real nameNorrin Radd
size1.93 m
Weight102 kg
First appearanceMarch 1966


Silver Surfer was invented by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966 and featured in Fantastic Four # 48.


The Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful heroes in the universe. He was originally a Zenn-Lavian named Norrin Radd who lived with his lover Shalla Bal on the peaceful and highly developed planet Zenn-La in the Deneb system. As Zenn-La from the world-destroying Galactus (The Devourer of Worlds and Third Force of the Universe) was attacked, the Silver Surfer offered himself as a herald to save his world. Galactus, the eater of the planets, also called the son of eternity and death, gave his new servant a silver form, a surfboard-like means of transport and enormous cosmic powers, with which he, among other things. Can heal living beings. The task of this herald was to search the universe for new planets on which Galactus could feed. Norrin's search is for uninhabited planets and his now unattainable love for Shalla Bal.

Predecessors as Heralds of Galactus were:

  1. Gabriel, the Airwalker (a Xandarian)
  2. Firelord (Pyreus, also a Xandarian and officer aboard Gabriel's ship)
  3. Terrax the Tamer with his cosmic ax
  4. Nova (Frankie Raye, Fantastic Four # 164, who was the surfer's mate for a while)
  5. Morning
  6. Red Shift

His arch enemies are the extra-dimensional demon Mephisto (first appearance issue # 3), Thanos of Titan, Super Skrull, Overlord, Morg, Terrax and Evil Nebula. Silver Surfer's allies include: Thor, Adam Warlock, Drax the Destroyer, Moondragon, The Infinity Watch and the Fantastic Four.

When it first appeared in the Fantastic FourRow, the Silver Surfer is sent to Earth to prepare them to be devoured by Galactus. The Fantastic Four are created by a cosmic being, the observer (The watcher), who comes from an ancient race that normally only observes cosmic events. A fight breaks out between the surfer and the Fantastischen Vier, in the course of which the silver surfer breaks out Alicia Masters get to know. This convinces him that the earth is worth saving. The noble feelings and the high ethical values ​​of his opponents speak to him. In the subsequent fight against Galactus, victory can only be achieved through the use of the human torch (Human Torch), a super weapon the Ultimate Nullifier, out Galactus' Stealing spaceship and threatening to use it against Galactus.

Galactus refrains from destroying the earth and his messenger, the surfer, but curses them with the curse of never being able to return to his home and builds an invisible barrier that prevents him from leaving the earth. Nevertheless, the surfer is not accepted by the people and has to continue to roam the world as a loner. His main motive is to leave the planet and return to his world, but he has to realize again and again that he has to save the earth's inhabitants despite their enormous character deficits (war, lack of trust, excessive fear of foreigners, etc.), not even himself to violate his high values, which he internalized as Norrin Radd. Later, Galactus lifts this barrier again, but only to deliberately deceive the Silver Surfer, as his great love Shalla Bal has apparently got involved with someone else. This deception fails in the end, but finally binds the Silver Surfer to the earth and thus to humanity, which continues to punish all his attempts to support with great contempt ...

In a second storyline of the German Fantastic Four In another attempt by Reed Richards to free the silver surfer from his spell with high technology, “Das Ding” comes up with the simple but saving idea that the surfboard itself could be the reason why the silver surfer cannot penetrate the barrier can. The silver surfer then transforms his surfboard into pure energy, flies with the Fantastischen Vier in their spaceship over the border that has repeatedly thrown him back and then picks up the board (still in energy form). The Silver Surfer is free. He transforms the surfboard back into its original shape and begins his journey through space.

Powers and abilities


  • Cosmic power
  • invulnerable
  • infinite perseverance
  • Speed ​​of Light
  • cosmic sense

The silver surfer possesses a tremendous cosmic power (the cosmic power). They were bestowed on him by Galactus when he transformed Norrin Radd's body. The surfer has the ability to channel the cosmic energy that is present everywhere and to radiate it in a concentrated manner. He is able to use the energy offensively and destroy entire cities with rays from his hands, but can also use the forces to move individual molecules and thus change the color of a flower, for example. However, he cannot transform one element into another.

Its silver skin can only be penetrated by a few forces in the universe. The inside of his body is also exceptionally resistant to attack. It can brave the heat in close proximity to the sun to a limited extent. The surfer can withstand vacuum, speeds close to that of light, but also hyperspace without any disadvantages. His senses, enhanced by cosmic energy, enable him to perceive traces of energy through concentration. Life energy in particular can be located for him. To a certain degree he can strengthen and heal living beings with the help of his cosmic powers. However, the surfer is not able to create life himself or to raise the dead. He does not have to eat and breathe as he receives his life forces directly from the cosmic energy. His body wouldn't need sleep, but his mind needs the ability to dream.

Reached the silver surfer 99 % the speed of light, he can put himself in hyperspace. It is also able to compress its body's own matter to such an extent that it can penetrate into the microverse. He also used his powers once to travel through time. Usually, however, this does not seem possible.

Be "Surfboard" consists of an unknown material and was created by Galactus at the same time as the surfer. It has the same properties and looks as the surfer's silver skin. Apart from Galactus, few powers are likely to be able to influence it. The board is psionic connected to the Silver Surfer and can be controlled mentally by him. However, nothing is known about the exact nature of the connection. Obviously, like the surfer himself, it uses cosmic energy.


  • good melee fighter
  • good ranged fighter (e.g. energy beams that can destroy entire cities)


  • weaker without his board