How beautiful is India for tourism

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The number of Germans and Austrians who travel to India has risen sharply in recent years. That was the reason for the Indian airline Jet Airways to start operating a new daily flight route.

Tourists at the Taj Mahal

More direct flights

The increase in direct flights is in line with the growing interest of Germans and Austrians in vacationing in India. The additional flights from Jet Airways will start operating between the airports of Amsterdam and Bangalore from October 29, 2017. With eight million inhabitants, Bangalore is the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka and a major tourist attraction. In addition to Bangalore, Jet Airways also flies direct from Schiphol to Delhi and Mumbai. KLM also offers direct flights to these three cities.

India is a popular vacation destination

The number of German and Austrian tourists in India has been increasing for years. Exact figures are not available, but airlines have reported that they transported 25% more German tourists to India in the past year than in the previous year. Goa, Mumbai and Delhi are particularly popular destinations. However, its popularity also depends on the cities that can be served directly. With the increase in direct flights from Schiphol, there are likely to be even more tourists in the next few years. However, not all tourists limit themselves to destinations that can be flown to directly. Especially the Himalayas near the border with Nepal, but also other rural areas, are becoming increasingly popular.

Reasons for its increasing popularity

There is no clear reason for the increase in tourists traveling to India from Germany and Austria. However, a number of causes play an important role. For example, airline tickets to India are becoming cheaper and it has been possible for two years to easily apply for an India visa online. What also helps is the snowball effect; many vacationers return from India with enthusiastic travel stories that encourage others to travel to India as well.

Worldwide trend

The growth of tourism in India is part of a global trend in which more and more vacationers are taking longer trips and going on vacation further away from home. The growing economy and prosperity in Germany and Austria also contribute to this. Another factor is that because of its enormous size, India will not be "full" of tourists anytime soon. Travelers who like to immerse themselves in a culture and want to experience how the local people live can well meet their needs in India. And finally, India's growing prosperity plays an important role. An ever larger group of Indians can afford to go on vacation to Europe. This increases the number of flights, which increases the efficiency of the airlines. This then leads to lower ticket prices and thus also to an increasing number of holidaymakers who fly to India.

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