Why does the App Store have ads

You can view your purchase statistics for the App Store and iTunes on your iPhone

For a long time now, Apple has given you the ability to review your purchases in iTunes on your Mac (or PC). This also worked on the iPhone and iPad, but there you had to open the App Store for app purchases, while music, films and series could only be viewed in the iTunes app. However, details such as the price and the date of purchase were missing here. Apple has now made up for this omission and is only offering a comprehensive view on iOS devices.

To view the purchase statistics, first open the settings app. Now tap on your name or account at the top of the settings list. Then choose iTunes. & App Store ”and then tap on your Apple ID at the top. One tap on "Show Apple ID" and you are in your account. Now scroll down and then select "Purchasing statistics".

The purchase statistics give you a comprehensive overview of all your purchases. If you tap on "Total calculated amount" under a purchase, you will receive further details such as the order number, billing address and the date of purchase. Should you ever need a receipt for the purchase, you have the option of receiving the invoice again by e-mail by tapping on "Resend".

You can get more information about the new features on Apple's support page.