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Federal Guild Association for the

The "Federal Guild Association for the Gunsmith's Trade" is a legal entity under private law. He becomes legally competent with the approval of the statutes by the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs.


On April 12, 1959, the federal guild association for the gunsmith's trade was founded in Kassel by representatives of the state guilds for the gunsmith's trade from Bavaria, W├╝rttemberg-Baden, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine, Westphalia and Lower Saxony.

The aim of the foundation was to support the interests of the individual state guilds for the gunsmith trade and to coordinate them at the federal level.

Since 1995 the federal guild association has owned the regional associations of

Tasks of the association

  • protect the interests of the gunsmith's trade
  • support affiliated state guilds in fulfilling their statutory and statutory tasks
  • Submit suggestions and proposals to the authorities and provide them with expert opinions on request
  • Organization and promotion of further training for gunsmiths from journeyman to master craftsman training to training
  • Establishment or promotion of technical schools and specialist courses
  • Conclusion of collective agreements



The board of the

The board of the association is elected for a period of three years. It consists of the chairman, the deputy and the federal apprentice warden.

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