What is database development

Database developer

There is hardly a company today that can do without databases. They are the ultimate for effective administration in a wide variety of areas. Without databases, employees would be hopelessly lost in the data jungle. For the development of databases, experts are required who organize the relevant data with analytical thinking while at the same time being able to work in a team.

Whether delivery addresses or technical dimensions, every company today has to manage huge amounts of data. This is usually impossible without a database. The faster and easier the data can be recorded, the better it is for the efficiency of the operating processes.

Database developers design and develop database systems that are adapted to the needs of the respective company. After an in-depth analysis of the company's requirements, a draft is drawn up. During the development, the database developer is in constant communication with the future users. After the development, the database is implemented, i.e. integrated into the company's system.


The main task of a database developer is to structure a company's data into certain categories and to ensure that users can easily access them. He must also think economically and weigh up the costs and benefits of the development. Further tasks are the creation of manuals, training material and installation instructions as well as the training of the users.


  • completed vocational training
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • English proficiency

A degree in business information technology or a comparable degree is usually expected. In addition, IHK training leads to the qualification as a "Database Developer".


The database developer training is a professional development for computer specialists and usually lasts between 6-12 months. The following content is included: mediates:

  • Operating system basics
  • Basics of relational database systems
  • Reporting and analysis of data
  • Microsft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access VBA programming
  • Database programming with Visual Basic.NET

Database developers find employment fields in companies in the IT sector as well as in industrial and trading companies as well as craft businesses in a wide variety of economic sectors. Large companies in particular with special database requirements employ their own database developers. Working as an external consultant is also a good prospect.


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