Are you afraid of evil?

Translation of "because you are afraid" in spanish

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I don't want you to do this for me because you fear, I would be hurt.
I think the reason you don't want me here is because you fearthat they love me more than you.
¿Sabes qué? Creo ... creo que la razón por la que no me querías aquí es porque tienes miedo de que les fuera a caer mejor que tú.
I don't want you to do this for me because you fear, I would be hurt.
Because you fear, does he not fit here?
Because you fear, he crumpled up the sofa cushions?

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Because you it fear, the world is falling apart.
You want to scare me away because you competitor fear.
You hate me, because you me fearbecause I am superior to you.
Odias lo que has hecho, le temes... porque es superior a ti.
Are you just saying yes because you you in front of me fear?
You fear your friend, your in-laws.
You fear neither pain nor death.
- You fear you from being happy.
You fear, I will not be re-elected.
You fearthat I'm staying too long.
Temes que me quede mucho tiempo.
You fear nothing to you, Kassie.
Pero nada te asusta, Kassie. y me encanta eso de ti.
You fear more hurting Phoebe than staying angry forever.
Temes Herir a Phoebe aún más que seguir siendo malvado para siempre.
Anatoly, you fear our fleet.
Anatoly, tienes razón en temer a nuestra flota.
You don't get along with women, do you you fear you.
You fear not what i do.
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