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Chinese hammer throwers at the 3rd hammer throw meeting of the 1st VfL FORTUNA Marzahn in front

At the 3rd hammer throw meeting on June 10, 2017, many top German athletes competed on the Allee der Kosmonauten 131 sports field. The hosts could look forward to the participation of a small delegation from the PRC. Not unexpectedly, first place for both women and men went to the Chinese hammer throwers.

Qi Dakai did not really get into the competition in the first few attempts. Then the hammer flew to the 70 m mark in the 4th and 5th attempts outside the sector. In the last attempt, he improved to 68.49 m, which put him well ahead of Sebastian Lenz (TG Unterliederbach), who won the open Berlin-Brandenburg Championships with 61.05 m. Ralf Jossa (SV Herzberg) placed behind with 60.63m.




Photo: Ilir Hajredini


As patron of the event, Betty Heidler followed the women's hammer throwing attentively. But her meeting record (75.44 cm) was not in danger. Only in the 5th attempt did Wang Zheng achieve a befitting width of 71.63 cm. Carolin Paesler (LG Eintracht Frankfurt) was unable to counter the third of this year's German annual best list. She threw 64.24 m. Susen Küster (TSV Bayer Leverkusen) took 3rd place with 63.29 m.


Photo: Ilir Hajredini

Previously, the youngsters and juniors had the opportunity to prove their skills as part of the German Junior Hammer Throw Cup. Katharina Mähring (LG North Berlin) achieved 58.79 m in the juniors U 23. The performances of the other age groups were also impressive.

Kirsten Voigt (SV Preußen Berlin) threw the hammer to a distance of 56.86 m in the WJ U 20. The lighter youth hammer (3kg) even flew 63.40 m with Rebecca Tomann (SCC Berlin). With the same device, Esther Imariagbee (Berlin TSC) reached 47.38 m in the U 16 age group.

Sören Hilbig (VfR Evesen) found out in the morning that the conditions were very good. The son of the bronze medal winner Kirsten Hilbig (Münchow) from Sidney 2000 threw one and the other time over 70 m - but unfortunately outside the sector. In the end, a width of 68.30 m in the competition in the MJU 16 age group was recorded. He was very angry about it, because it was much more possible that day.

Pascal Thalhäuser (LV 90 Erzgebirge) and Oliver Thomann (SCC Berlin) performed very well in the age groups MJ U 20 and MJ U 18, which is also reflected in the overall ranking of the Cup. They achieved 60.34 m and 65.26 m respectively.

For the first time, an athlete from the host club 1.VfL FORTUNA Marzahn started at the hammer throw meeting. Wilhelmine Süßbier was third in the age group WJ U 16 with a width of 28.85 m.

You can find the complete results here: Download the file

Results of the BBM hammer throw: Download the file



3rd hammer throw meeting on June 10, 2017: Is Betty Heidler's meeting record falling?

At the hammer throw meeting on June 10th, the focus is again on women. Asian record holder Whang Zheng (China) comes with a width of 75.48 m, which she achieved on June 4, 2017 at the hammer throw meeting in Fränkisch - Krumbach. Betty Heidler's meeting record from 2016 stands at 75.46 cm. As patron, she will closely follow the competition, because her former training mates Caroline Paesler and Charlene Woitha are also registered. Five female throwers from the German annual best list compete and occupy places 2, 3, 5, 6 and 9 - a class field! For the men, Ri Dakai (China) is at the start. probably the only thrower in the field who could set a new meeting record and surpass the 70 m mark.

For the first time, our own starter competes at our hammer throw meeting. Wilhelmine Süßbier starts in the female youth under 16 and faces strong competition. She hopes for a width of over 30 m and a front seat. Her trainer Vanessa Pfeifer trusts her to do this distance.

The event will be moderated by Christian Holzmann and the competitions will be accompanied by music. In the breaks between the competitions there are interviews with the athletes and well-known guests such as patron Betty Heidler and Kirsten Hilbig. Both won medals in hammer throwing at the Olympic Games for Germany.

Of course, the organizers hope for a good response from the public and good weather!


NEW schedule

After the registration deadline, we had to revise the schedule and this resulted in changes! The start of the event has therefore been postponed. The age groups will start as follows:

11.00 a.m. mJ U16 + mJ U18 + mJ U20

12.30 p.m. wY U16 + wY U18

2.30 p.m. men

4.00 p.m. wJ U20 + w U23 + women

The Berlin-Brandenburg Championships are evaluated in parallel!

A safe journey to all participants!


List of participants for the 3rd hammer throw meeting

Here you can find the current list of participants for our 3rd hammer throw meeting next Saturday !!!

Participant list: download file


3rd hammer throw meeting on June 10th, 2017 again with international participation

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, the hammers will fly again on the Allee der Kosmonauten 131 sports field. As in the previous year, the centerpiece of the event is the German Junior Cup in hammer throwing. Six events are taking place in Germany. One of them in Berlin - Marzahn. The best of German hammer throw growth are expected again. But there are also competitions for women and men. However, Betty Heidler has ended her career and will be the patron of the competition. Your former trainer Michael Deyhle, who gave important impulses for our event, is also there this year. He is now working for the Chinese Athletics Federation and is not alone: ​​Wang Zheng in the women and Ri Dakai in the men are favorites. And Wang Zheng could attack Betty Heidler's meeting record from last year! After all, she has already thrown the throwing device to a distance of 77.68 m (2014) and was twice in the finals of a world championship. Dakai Qi also has his sights set on the men's meeting record, he already threw 74.19 m (2013). A premiere will take place for the 1st VfL FORTUNA Marzahn: For the first time, an own athlete will start again in hammer throwing at a separate event. Will Wilhelmine Süßbier be a successor to Betty Heidler? So far, their performance development is promising. She is trained by Vanessa Pfeiffer, who herself was one of the best German hammer throwers last year.

Another former top athlete will be there: Kirsten Hilbig (formerly Kirsten Münchow) from VfR Evesen. She wrote sports history - at the premiere of the Olympic hammer throwing for women in Sydney she won the bronze medal for Germany. From time to time she still picks up the hammer today - widths of over 50 m are no problem for her. At the 3rd hammer throw meeting she looks after her son Sören and will not miss the opportunity to take part in the award ceremony. The event starts at 10:00 a.m. and is expected to end at 6:30 p.m. Christian Holzmann will guide through the program, and the top athletes from the Marzahn Athletics Department will also be among the guests. Like Dennis Krüger, our 800 m runner. He'll take care of the music. Admission is free.


Nomination competition for U20 European Championship 2017

This year the European top of the U20 meets in Grossetto (ITA) and is looking for the best athletes in the various disciplines. The Berlin hammer throw meeting may be part of the way this year and was named by the national coaches for the official nomination competition for the U20 European Championship 2017!

In 2015 our hammer throw meeting was included in the timetable for the U20 age group for the international championship. At that time, the U20 European Championship took place in Eskultina (SWE).

We hope that we can marvel at exciting competitions on our throwing facility and welcome some of the best U20 athletes in the country!



Call for tenders and preliminary schedule

Dear sports friends,

You can now find all the important data in the two documents. If you have any further questions, you can reach us using the contact form or on Facebook.

Invitation to tender: Download file

Schedule: Download the file

The schedule will be revised again after the registration deadline and then published.

As part of our hammer throw meeting, the open Berlin-Brandenburg championship in hammer throw for the age group WJ / MJ U16 up to and including men and women is held!