How can I speak French properly?

10 tips to learn French faster

Learning a new language can seem difficult, but with a little good will and motivation it can Learn French become child's play! Below are 10 tips to get you started quickly To learn french:

1. Watch movies

Look at you french films with French subtitles. An excellent way to learn the language. You will discover expressions and vocabulary used every day and can then read them when the actors pronounce them: ideal for training your ears and pronunciation!

2. Learn with songs

Just like the films, songs are an excellent means of learning through play. Translate the lyrics and then sing along. So you will finally understand the meaning of your favorite songs.

3. Read French!

Also, diversify your studies and relax. Do you like reading crime novels? Read them in French! If this is too difficult for you, buy magazines and learn the expressions on the subjects that are of particular interest to you.

4. Find a learning partner

Find a French person who wants to learn your language and speak French and German alternately. Both benefit from this. If your partner or friend is also learning French, why not talk to each other in French! Learning progress and fun are guaranteed!

5. Try it and don't be afraid of making mistakes

Many make little or no progress because they do not dare to speak. Don't be afraid of mistakes! Your counterpart will be happy to correct you and explain your mistake to you, so that you have learned something again ...

6. Listen!

Listen to others speak: Notice how and when certain expressions are used, and don't hesitate to ask for an explanation if necessary. Even if you are busy doing something else, listen to a French radio station! Because passive hearing also contributes to learning success.

7. Practice language

Take advantage of the moments when you are alone to repeat the vocabulary and expressions you have learned out loud. Work on your pronunciation when you are alone!

8. Attend an intensive course

Intensive courses in France or at home are an excellent way to learn French quickly. However, it is also important to continue practicing the language after the course so as not to forget what you have learned. This brings us to the next point: perseverance!

9. Show perseverance

If you want to learn quickly and efficiently, you need to work a little every day, and when it's only five minutes!

10. Immersion courses

The best way to learn a language is of course oneImmersion course. That can be scary, but you will learn French in no time at all and you will experience unforgettable moments. In order not to leave completely unprepared, you can contact a language school in your country of origin beforehand. The CIA offers courses à la carte for all levels. We will be happy to provide you with further information on this!

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