What do you say when you sneeze


Sneeze is the involuntary, explosive expulsion of air through the nose through the nose, triggered by the sneezing reflex. Sneezing is supposed to remove nasal secretions as well as dust and other foreign bodies from the nose.)[1]

In Islam, there are certain rules of conduct to be observed when sneezing. These affect both those who sneeze and those in whose presence the sneeze takes place.

Good behavior when sneezing

Good behavior while sneezing is one of the six duties that every Muslim has towards his fellow believer. You article "fraternity".

Abu Huraira (may Allaah be upon him) reports: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

"A Muslim has six duties towards another Muslim (Arabic: Haq): If you meet him, give him the greeting of peace; if he invites you, then accept his invitation; if he asks you for advice, then give him one Advice; if he sneezes and praises Allah, reply to him (with Du'a) (arab. faschammithu ") (; if he is sick, visit him and if he dies, follow his funeral procession. " (Hadith saheeh by Muslim)

The sneezer praises Allah by saying the following supplication:

If any of you sneezes, let them say:

"Al-Hamdu LiLLAH" - All praise is due to Allah.

The one who hears the sneeze and the praise should respond by saying the following supplication:

"Jarhamuk ALLAH" - May Allah have mercy on you.

Then he should tell him:

"Jahdikumu LLAH wa juslihu baalakum" - May Allah guide you and improve your state of mind.[2]

The wording of the hadith indicates that it is compulsory to say the supplications mentioned if you hear someone say "Al-Hamdu LiLLAH" after sneezing, because the verb is in command.

Scholar An-Nawawi said that the scholars agree that it is popular (but not compulsory) to say these supplications if the sneezer does not say "Al-Hamdu LiLLAH".

An-Nawawi added that it is popular to remind someone who does not say "Al-Hamdu LiLLAH" to praise Allah. This is part of calling for what is good and forbidding what is reprehensible.

Part of good behavior when sneezing is to put your hand in front of your face and sing your voice. This is narrated in Al-Hakim and Al-Baihaqi.

You can repeat the supplications up to three times (if you sneeze up to three times). After that, you should not repeat the supplications. Abu Huraira narrated in a hadith that goes back to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) (Arabic marfu'an):

"If any of you sneezes, the one sitting with you should pray the supplication for guidance and mercy for him. If, however, he sneezes more than three times, he has a cold and you do not pray the supplication after the third time." (Hadith at Abu Dawud)

The hadith mentioned at the beginning also shows what kind of good treatment Allah has provided for the sneezer. First, Allah frees him from dust and the like through the process of sneezing, and secondly, he tells him to thank Allah for which the sneezer in turn receives a reward. Third, he commands those who hear the sneezer to pray supplication for the sneezer and to pray for good on his behalf. And fourth, the sneezer in turn supplicates the one who supplicated for him.

In a hadith narrated by Abu Musa, he reported:

"The Jews used to sneeze when they were with the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and hoped that it would be said to them:"Jarhamukum ALLAH" - May Allah have mercy on you, he said (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): "Jahdikumu LLAH wa juslihu baalakum - May Allah guide you and improve your state of mind." (Hadith at Bukhari)

One should therefore say to a non-Muslim when he sneezes:

Jahdikumu LLAH wa juslihu baalakum - May Allah guide you and improve your state of mind.[2]

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