How do you unblock someone's Facebook

Unblock people blocked on Facebook

Blocking or "banning" people on Facebook prevents them from contacting you. This measure can be helpful in the event of harassment. If the relationship has returned to normal, you can unblock the block with just a few clicks so that you can add the blocked person to your friends list.

What does blocking on Facebook mean?

So that you are not bothered by certain people or can prevent them from accessing your profile, Facebook offers the option of permanently blocking these users. The blocked person may then be removed from your friends list and can no longer add you as a friend. In addition, the user can no longer see what you post on your timeline. He can no longer invite you or contact you or tag you in posts.

Please note: If you block a user, these functions are also not available, so you can no longer send the person a friend request or start a conversation with them.

Two ways to block users

With Facebook you basically have two options to block a person permanently. On the one hand, you can find the blocking function in the respective profile of the user.

To do this, you will see a button with a cogwheel and a down arrow on the bottom right of the title picture, via which you will find the "Report / Block ..." option. Then activate the option "Block xy" and click on "Confirm" to block this person from your account. On the other hand, you can also enter the name or email address of the person you want to block under "Block" in the "Block user" section of your account settings.

Unlock blocked people

You can unblock blocked people in Facebook with just a few clicks: To do this, go to the Facebook page in your web browser and log in with your username and password in the top right corner. As soon as you see your personalized start page, click on the gear icon in the top right next to your profile name and then go to "Account Settings". On the left you will find the navigation menu:

There click on the point "Block". In the "Block users" area, you can see all the people you have currently blocked. To unblock someone, click the "Unblock" link to the right of the person's name. This action is finally carried out with the "Confirm" button. Note: If you are unblocked, you will not be able to block the user again for 48 hours.