How was the PCIe SSD developed


■ Converts an M.2 port (M key) into a PCI-E-x4 interface

■ Contains an optional low-profile expansion slot

■ No driver installation required

There are three types of M.2 SSDs. Please make sure you know the difference between them and check that your system / motherboard supports them before pairing them with your SilverStone product.

SATA (B-Key)
For SATA SSDs, connected via AHCI driver and SATA 3.0 port (6 Gbit / s), exposed via the M.2 connector.

PCI Express with AHCI (M-Key) only support the installation of this type
For PCI Express SSDs, connected via the AHCI driver and provided PCI Express lanes. Backward compatible with expanded SATA support in operating systems at the expense of providing optimal performance through the use of AHCI for access to PCI Express SSDs.

PCI Express with NVMe (M-Key) only support installation of this type
For PCI Express SSDs, connected via the NVMe driver and provided PCI Express lanes. High-performance and scalable host controller interface, specially developed and optimized for connection to PCI Express SSDs. NVMe was developed from scratch, relies on low latency and parallelism of PCI Express SSDs and the addition of parallelism to contemporary CPUs, platforms and applications.



Model no.SST-ECM21
connectionPCI Express x4
SSD interfaceM.2 (NGFF)
Module keyPCI-E-4x-based M-key
Dimensions120mm (W) x 23mm (H) x 104mm (D)
Supported M.2 SSD length30mm, 42mm, 60mm, 80mm
Note :
Note: If you want to start from an M.2 SSD, this must be supported by your motherboard. Due to BIOS limitations, not all motherboards support the boot process from an M.2 SSD; For details on how to activate this function, please refer to the instructions for your motherboard or contact your dealer.
Note: M.2 PCIe NVMe mode SSD requires the use of a motherboard with an Intel® 9 series (Z97 H97 Z170 X99) / AMD 300 series (A320 B350 X370) or higher chipset and Windows 8 or higher Operating system.

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