What are the top 10 outsourcing companies

This is how Swiss companies rate their outsourcing providers

A clear majority of Swiss companies that outsource their IT are satisfied with their service provider. This is one of the key results of the 2020 edition of the IT Sourcing Study Switzerland, which was carried out by Whitelane Research in collaboration with Navisco.

Tata Consultancy and HCL customers are the most satisfied

Based on 277 outsourcing relationships, the study shows that only 1 percent of corporate customers are very dissatisfied with the service provided by their provider. Two Indian companies generate the greatest satisfaction: TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) and HCL. Deloitte completes the podium, followed by Swisscom and Cognizant. The leadership duo is the same as in the 2019 edition of the study. The only notable change in the top 10 this year is the inclusion of Deloitte and Atos (10th place) in the ranking. Neither provider was represented last year.

TCS stands out from other providers in the areas of application development, maintenance and testing. HCL is a leader in managed infrastructure and hosting data center services. Wipro generates the greatest satisfaction in the area of ​​end-user services.

The industrial sector wants to outsource more than the banks

The study also looks at the IT outsourcing plans of Swiss companies for the next two years. More than two thirds say they plan to outsource more of their IT, while 21 percent (6 percent more than last year) plan the opposite. The industrial sector intends to outsource most of the time, while the financial services sector largely prefers the status quo.

There are three main reasons why Swiss companies choose to outsource: greater adaptability to changing needs, access to innovation and cost reduction.

AWS generates the greatest satisfaction among cloud providers

The Swiss IT sourcing study also examines the use of public cloud services. Of the three market leaders, AWS is the most satisfactory, followed by Google Cloud Platform and then Microsoft Azure. When it comes to Software-as-a-Service, users of Microsoft Office 365 are the most satisfied, just ahead of the Google Suite. Half of the companies expect more than 50 percent of their application portfolio to run in the cloud within two years.

The fact that AWS is most convincing can also be seen in the revenue that the company makes with the cloud. AWS earns the most from the cloud, but Microsoft, Google and Alibaba are catching up, as you can read here.