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Use vital points to incapacitate the attacker & knock out

Self-defense using the human vital points enables attacked persons to successfully defend themselves against physically superior attackers. However, these should only be used in extreme emergencies. Because fighting back with the help of vital points is a double-edged sword that can seriously injure the attacker. There are also vital points that cannot take strong blows and immediately incapacitate or kill the person.

The most important things in 30 seconds:

  • The human body has so-called vital points, which are enormous sensitive to pain are. If self-defense is necessary, knowing about these points could help enormously.
  • One of the most famous self-defense techniques based on Vital points.
  • People who are interested in the Existence of nerve points are clear, have an advantage in combat and should definitely only use them in the most extreme emergency.

In the following post we provide Background information on vital and nerve points in front. In addition, we introduce how an attacker incapacitated can be beaten.

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What is a vital or pain point?

Since vital points stand out and are special, there is also one Variety of synonyms for pain points, nerve points and pain points are particularly common. The term "Vita" comes from the Latin, the German translation of which is "life". Other common names for pain points are pressure, stimulus, acupuncture, acupressure and nerve points.

Thus, these points represent an important aspect in human life, even if a large majority are not at all aware of it. If the vital points are injured for any reason or have to take a bump, it can be very bad for the person concerned painful or even become life-threatening. But even the mere exertion of pressure on the points mentioned triggers negative effects such as pain.

Put the attacker out of action with vital points & knock out [/ caption]

Differences between the pain points

Biomechanical vital points are part of a successful defense in numerous self-defense techniques. These include the well-known pecking of the liver and the slap on the attacker's chin from below.

  • Vital points of the blood vessels often make up part of the emergency defense techniques. There the defender squeezes the attacker's blood vessels and interrupts the attacker's blood flow for a brief moment. Usually this is the carotid artery.
  • Acupuncture points represent important vital points for the Flow of qi A blow to such a point disturbs or interrupts the qi. Classic acupuncture in medicine uses needles to stimulate these points to heal numerous diseases, whereas martial artists put the attacker out of action with one blow on the acupuncture points.
  • Nerve points are right with that Nervous and vascular system connected. Several nerve tracts meet at these points. Fighters who know this can reach the attacker's brain directly and in this way multiply the pain.
  • Vital points between tendons and muscles are also among the extremely sensitive pain points. They can be found wherever tendons and muscle mass unite.
  • Vital points on the joints are also very sensitive to pain. In the worst case, painful joints cause paralysis in those affected. A blow to the joints can actually paralyze the opponent for an extended period of time. Joint pain is therefore not only associated with osteoarthritis or arthritis.

However, the individual pain points cannot be clearly separated from one another. The hit on a pain and paralysis point differs in its effect. In the case of pain, either a local area or an entire area of ​​the body can be affected. On the other hand, paralysis caused by a blow can render the entire body unable to move, lead to a loss of strength, imbalances and even fainting.

Pain points in the human body

Since the vital points are very sensitive, defendants should use them as a last resort Self-defense deploy. Usually this is the case with a knife attack or a firearm. Therefore, people who are ambushed should first call for help or consider fleeing. Because when defending you should be aware that you may irritate the attacker with a blow on the pain points or even miss them. His anger and aggressiveness will increase. However, if a fight that ends the Attackers incapacitated has been unavoidable, the defense attorney should call a police and ambulance from a safe area after he has fled.

Attacker K.O. beat in a self-defense situation

Stands in an emergency or an attack your health in the foreground. And when it comes to your life you have to defend yourself by all means and here is the concept of Self-defense also very relevant.

Because you should be aware that the life of the attacker is in danger of being hit on a vital point. Therefore, you are only allowed to use this knowledge in an extreme emergency.

In the following videos you can see how effective an attack or defense can be with the knowledge of the vital points.

Incapacitate attackers

The Japanese term for using the punching techniques that relate to the vital points is called Kyusho Jitsu. Kyu stands for sudden, urgent and urgent. Sho means place, place or point. Jitsu represents a technique or an art.

Kyusho Jitsu enables physically weak and inferior people to incapacitate someone who is physically far superior to them.

  • However, the individuals need the designated special Striking technique master and have extensive knowledge of the Vital points feature. Both the angle and the direction from which the stroke is to be carried out play an important role.
  • Furthermore, does not play Strength of a blow the main role but the accuracy and dosage. This can be especially difficult in reality because the defender has to aim at someone who is moving.

If you are in danger, escape is no longer an option and you no longer know what to do, an attacker can possibly be incapacitated in the following way:

Defense without weapons

  • A Chin hook takes place at an angle from below and makes the opponent unconscious. A longer squeezing of the Carotid artery also incapacitates the attacker. A targeted front kick on the Kneecap, definitely takes the opponent from a secure footing, so that he automatically collapses and has to process the pain. As a rule, he is also unable to continue the attack.
  • The Striking techniquethat defenders should use in a self-defense situation depends on the opponent's attack. Finally, the attacker takes an action and the defender comes back with a response. Defenders should aim for vital points that are not fatal for the attacker.

Defense with weapons / objects

  • In addition, attacked persons can too pepper spray to grab. However, one should deal with the legal requirements for carrying, using and storing self-defense weapons in Germany.
  • If you don't have anything else on hand, you can go to one floor or grab a nearby stone to increase your strike. However, this should not be aimed at the temple, as this can be fatal.
  • In practice, defense attorneys sometimes come with them too sand Had success. If there is sand or earth in the vicinity, it is worth quickly picking up the sand and then throwing it into the attacker's eyes. This is enough to flee and alert the police using a cell phone.

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