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Creepy places in Berlin: Goosebumps once, please

There are so many creepy places in Berlin and the surrounding area: dark tunnels, old cemeteries and ghostly walls. Of course, fear is not a nice feeling - but the horror and the gruesome, sometimes brutal history of the places make it exciting. There are some places in Berlin that give you goose bumps - you better not visit these creepy places in Berlin alone.

The spirit of a monk is said to circulate in the ruined monastery in Mitte

If you walk down Klosterstrasse, you will come across the ruins of a church. It is the last remnant of the Gothic Franciscan monastery, which owes its nickname to the gray costume of its monks. One of those who lived there around 1300 - it is said - was called Father Roderich. Before he entered the monastery, he is said to have been a junker and to have loved a beautiful damsel. When their liaison was discovered, he was chased away, breaking his leg and limping from then on.

Heartbroken and physically restricted, he went to the monastery. His character changed and he became angry - even inciting his brothers to murder. At some point a young man appeared in the monastery, Roderich got into an argument with him and locked him in the cellar.

When he found out some time later that the stranger was his son, he hurried down to free him: But he was dead. Roderich, who then collapsed crying, was killed by an angry mob because of his dark machinations. Even today he is said to walk around the ruined church at night, wailing.

The strange light from the Brieselanger forest

Brieselang is a small community in Brandenburg. Eerie tales have grown up around their forest since the 1980s: Back then, strange lights were seen for the first time between the trees at night.

The floating light phenomena seemed ghostly to the discoverer and from then on the statements that people wanted to see white, red or green flickering lights in the night forest increased. Some even said they heard voices and noises.

According to legend, the sightings are related to the death of a young girl who was murdered by Soviet soldiers in the forest in 1945. According to legend, her ghost haunts the forest. Or that of her father, who was desperately looking for her with a flashlight. So brave people go on a Halloween trip to the Brieselanger Forest.

  • Brieselanger Forst Brieselang, Brandenburg

Beelitz Heilstätten: One of the scariest places in Berlin, if not all of Europe

None of the Lost Places in Berlin has such a creepy reputation as the Beelitz Heilstätten. Once a tuberculosis clinic, later a military hospital for wounded soldiers in the First and Second World Wars: the eventful history of the building complex dates back to 1890.

Hospitals, as necessary as they are, are seldom places that people enjoy going to. And dilapidated hospitals, with their provocative silence, are a reminder of desperate fates, of the fight against death. You can almost hear the painful moans of former patients and injured soldiers as you move through the endless, dilapidated hallways and shabby treatment rooms of the Beelitz Heilstätten.

However, it is not permitted to enter the 200 hectare building complex alone. Instead, guided tours can be booked in connection with the treetop path running over the sanatorium.

  • Beelitz Heilstätten Beelitz, Brandenburg, guided tours via Baum & Zeit, flashlight tour through the old surgery 12.50 euros per person, Tel. 033 204/63 47 23, www.baumundzeit.de

The abandoned corridors in Weißensee Children's Hospital give you goose bumps

The former children's hospital in Weißensee is another eerie address among the Lost Places in Berlin. After the opening in 1911, the high infant mortality rate of the time was to be combated here. The building was also used as a children's hospital in the GDR. It has been empty since 1997.

Entering the area is prohibited. At a late hour, a walk around the building is enough to get goose bumps.

  • Weißensee Children's Hospital Hansastrasse 178-180, Weissensee

To that Tegel Castle There are legends about a poltergeist and a huge shadow figure

The white towers of this property have been rising up on the edge of the Tegel Forest since 1558. Stories about a poltergeist have been around for almost as long. According to legend, it manifested itself at the end of the 17th century: The castle owners at the time, members of the electoral family of Brandenburg, noticed mysterious things.

The crack of whips could be heard, glowing stones shot towards the residents and flames blazed in the halls of the castle. Finally the ghost took shape: sometimes as a gloomy swirling mist, sometimes as a huge shadow shape.

After spreading fear and terror for a long time, the ghost disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. But some people still want to have seen it recently - for example in the form of a mysterious flame head in front of the castle gates. If you are already there: Here you will find other exciting places in Tegel.

  • Tegel Castle Adelheidallee 19, Tegel

Derelict graves in the south-west cemetery in Stahnsdorf

The south-west cemetery in Stahnsdorf in Brandenburg is more than 200 hectares in size. This makes the cemetery the tenth largest in the world. Countless graves are lined up here, some gravestones are dilapidated and overgrown. They probably come from the first half of the 20th century. The cemetery has existed since 1909.

On the grounds of the cemetery there are some sculptures that seem to be watching you as a stroller while you walk past the graves. If you have weak nerves, you should leave the south-west cemetery in Stahnsdorf before dark.

  • Southwest cemetery in Stahnsdorf Bahnhofstrasse 2, Stahnsdorf, Potsdam-Mittelmark

Ghostly silence in the listening station on the Teufelsberg

In the 1950s, during the Cold War, the US Army set up an eavesdropping station on Teufelsberg. This lotters today. The plan to build a hotel with a spy museum and apartments on the site failed due to resistance from environmentalists and at high costs.

The old listening station is in the middle of the Grunewald. After dark, there is not much to be heard around the deserted area, apart from the noises of the forest. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to enter the creepy listening station alone. Only official tours can be booked - tip for horror fans: book the last tour in winter, then the sun has already set.

You can find out more about the history of the listening station on the Teufelsberg here.

The dead find no rest in the suicide cemetery in Grunewald

The reason why the Grunewald-Forst cemetery is called the “suicide cemetery” is historical: The small grave field is located in a clearing in the Grunewald Forest, near a bend in the Havel. Water corpses drove up to the shore again and again - including many suicides. At the time the cemetery was founded, around 1878, these were considered deadly sinners, which is why the church refused to allow them to be buried.

That is why the forest administration created this forest cemetery. Not only those who committed suicide in the Havel, but also many other suicides were buried here from now on. Quite a few also killed themselves near the cemetery. All the “unredeemed souls”, according to the legend, are supposed to roam there restlessly in night and twilight.

There are reports of strange noises and shadows scurrying between the graves. In the summer of 2010, a resident claims to have seen a dark figure in the consistency of a cloud of smoke that rose from the Havel.

  • Suicide cemetery Havelchaussee 92b, in the Grunewald, Wilmersdorf

Every forest in Berlin - at dusk or at night

It doesn't take a legend of a missing girl to be scared at night alone in the forest. Those who are alone on the streets of Berlin in the dark are probably exposed to a higher risk, but feel more protected.

When the last light dries up between the tree trunks, it can happen that we no longer see the hand in front of our eyes. If you then add the silence of the forest, it can hardly get creepier.

Anyone who decides to take a torch-lit walk through the forest should keep this in mind: wild boars mate all year round and get pups in autumn too. So if you meet a sow with freshlings, you should behave calmly and simply avoid the animals. 12 recommendations for walks in the forest in Berlin.

  • Forests in Berlin e.g. Grunewald, Plänterwald, Düppeler Forst

To that Köpenick Castle Creepy stories are entwined

As beautiful as Köpenick Castle may look from the outside, there are countless stories about this baroque moated castle. The best known is about a young noblewoman who fell in love with a commoner.

During one of his secret visits, their liaison is said to have been discovered and cruelly punished: He was allegedly hanged from a bridge pillar and she was walled up alive in the castle dungeon. Since then, their souls are said to roam restlessly and there have always been people who thought they heard sighs near the bridge or saw a veil blowing.

In addition to the unhappy lovers, other ghosts are said to be around in and around Köpenick Castle. Including a black dog with glowing eyes. To this day, it is said to appear all of a sudden in the dark - often at the bridge in the palace gardens.

Tip: These 12 other palaces in Berlin are worth a visit!

  • Köpenick Castle Schlossinsel 1, Köpenick

The Messedamm tunnel becomes a threatening place after sunset

Anyone who crosses the Messedamm tunnel before sunset may meet individuals or a barrel organ player. The later it gets, the more threatening the underpass appears. The squeaky orange 70s design then develops an unpleasant, exhausting effect.

The Messedamm tunnel could also serve as a location for a thriller. If you think you can hear steps behind you, even though no one else seems to be in the tunnel, you should make sure that you get to the exit quickly. Do not lose your nerve for the last few meters: the escalators are mostly defective.

In these “tough” places you can experience Berlin as it really is.

  • Messedamm tunnel Messedamm, Charlottenburg

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