How can I get Spider-Man powers

Spider-Man: Children want superpowers and let the black widow bite them

It is hardly surprising that children see superheroes as a kind of role model. Many wish to slip into the role of Batman, Superman and Co. themselves. Three children took their love for people with supernatural powers a little too seriously. The boys let themselves be bitten by a black widow to get powers similar to Spider-Man.

Three children from Bolivia were tending a flock of sheep. They discovered a black widow, a dangerous species of spider. As big Marvel fans, the three of them forged a plan together. They took a stick and kicked the animal with it until the black widow bit all three of them. As reported by Telemundo, among others, they hoped to develop similar powers as their favorite hero Spider-Man.

But all that developed shortly afterwards was great pain for the three of them. Their mother found the three crying and took them to the hospital for treatment. The boys suffered from a fever and muscle pain until they were finally relieved of their suffering. The Bolivian government used the incident to spread an important message: "Everything is real for children, including movies. Even if it's just fiction, of course."

The children have now recovered from their adventure after spending a week in several hospitals. Hopefully they will learn from the incident and that no other children will make the same mistake. Instead, they should watch the adventures of the Marvel superheroes on the big screen. According to the current status, Spider-Man 3 should start in US cinemas in November 2021 and would then also get a timely date in Germany. In view of the corona pandemic, the start date could still change.