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Super Mario World is a platform game released in 1990 and the first game in the Mario series for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). In Japan under the name Super Mario Bros. 4: Super Mario World known, this name was not adopted outside of Japan, as it is a completely separate game according to producer Shigeru Miyamoto. With over 20 million units sold, it is the most successful game for its console and is also one of the best-selling video games of all time.[1]

The game saw several remakes: In 2002 it was with Super Mario Advance 2 published an almost identical version for the Game Boy Advance, in which, among other things, the original English names were given a German translation. The original version is also available via Virtual Console for Nintendo's Wii, and it's a masterpiece in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

It is also worth mentioning that Yoshi made his first appearance in this game, which would later become the namesake of video games itself. So the game was continued on the same console with the Yoshi game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, even though the events of the successor were earlier than those of Super Mario World lie.

Shortly after the game was released, a TV series of the same name went on air, which is Mario's last official animated series.

Plot [edit | Edit source]

Peach and Mario reached the island of Yoshis Eiland, which is on the dinosaur land, to go on vacation. When they arrived, Luigi was already there and handed Mario a pen. Mario turned into Cape Mario and flew around the island with his brother, who was also transformed.

Meanwhile, Bowser and his henchmen kidnapped the lonely princess and locked the Yoshis in eggs. When the brothers found out, they went to Yoshi's house, whose residents had left them a note.

Mario and Luigi set out to free the princess, initially encountering Yoshi, who had been locked in an egg by Bowser while trying to save his friends. As the last opponent on Yoshi's island, Iggy Koopa was defeated; The way to the second world was clear and the first Yoshi egg was brought to safety.

In the second world, the donut level, they fought Morton Koopa Jr., which leads them to the Vanilla Dome, a cave world. Little by little, Mario and Luigi found Yoshis in different colors. In addition to the green, they also got to know the yellow, red and blue Yoshi. In the Vanilla Dome the companions defeated Lemmy Koopa and over the twin bridges they get to Ludwig von Koopa, who also had nothing to oppose them and was finally defeated.

Via the forest of illusion, of which Roy Koopa was the boss, they reached the Chocolate Island, a mountainous landscape. Here they defeated Bowser's only daughter, Wendy O. Koopa, and reached Bowser's valley via a sunken ghost ship.

The last remaining Koopaling Larry was defeated and the plumbers reached Bowser's castle. After they had made their way through several gigantic rooms of the property, which had been converted into a fortress, they faced the kidnapper Bowser, who was flying around in his clown carriage above them. He threw robo-koopas at her, but they could be thrown back at Bowser and cause him damage. Ultimately, the king of the Koopas could be defeated and the princess and Yoshis freed. Because of this, they held a celebration at Yoshi's house.

Gameplay [edit | Edit source]

Super Mario World consists of a total of 96 levels, with significantly fewer required to play through, as the game has a large number of secret passages and levels as well as some shortcuts. The world map from which you can access the levels serves as an overview of the levels. The levels are shown as points on the map, these points can look like this: Yellow (normal level), red (level with a secret exit), surrounded by water (water level) or by earth (underground level).

The platform game contains some classic elements and distinctive features of a Mario series game. The final boss is Mario's archenemy Bowser, who has already kidnapped Princess Toadstool as in Super Mario Bros., the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3. In addition, Mario gets some transformation options again, for example, in addition to Super Mario and Fire Mario, there is the unique transformation in Cape Mario. As is well known, Mario is rewarded with an extra life for 100 coins collected.

Another element is a kind of power-up memory that appears in the top screen, which is also used in games like New Super Mario Bros. DS is in use. If Mario is already transformed into a shape and moves through the levels and collects another power-up, this goes to the memory. If Mario now takes damage, he can try to collect this power-up, which slowly moves down from the memory.

There is the possibility of posting a middle goal in the middle of the game, which has the same function as the checkpoint flags in New Super Mario Bros. - if you lose a life you start again at this save point. If the normal Mario passes through the gate, he automatically turns into Super Mario. At the end of a level the goal gate appears, in which a pole moves up and down. The higher the bar in contact with Mario, the more points he gets credited to a separate account. A maximum of 50 points can be achieved. If Mario has collected 100 of these points, he goes to a bonus game in which he can win several extra lives.

For the first time ever in a video game, the Yoshis appear, which are available in different colors, each with different properties. When Mario has completed a level, Yoshi stays with him for the next, but he does not accompany him to castles or haunted houses.

The game has a 2-player mode. The first player takes over Mario, the second player controls Luigi. The Mario Bros. do not differ from each other except for their appearance, they have identical skills. The two players take turns moving through levels. In addition, they can exchange lives on the overview map so that a game over by the weaker player can be avoided.

A total of three independent memory slots are available to the player, making it the first game in the Mario series to have such.

Worlds [edit | Edit source]

Capital worlds [edit | Edit source]

picture Surname description
Yoshi's Island
(Yoshi's island) *
The first world and the starting point of Mario's series is the island of Yoshi's Eiland, which consists of five levels and the Yellow Switch Palace, through which all yellow! Blocks are activated. As the final boss, Iggy Koopa is waiting for Mario, and Yoshi's house is on the island.
Donut Plains
(Donut level) *
This world consists of five normal levels and three secret levels. There is also the green switch palace and the Top Secret Area, a level in which you can get unlimited items. The game's first haunted house also appears in this world. In addition, the world of stars can be entered for the first time through a secret passage. The final boss is Morton Koopa Jr ..
Vanilla Dom
(Vanilla dome) *
In this world there are seven normal levels, three secret levels and the red switch palace. Lemmy Koopa emerges as the final boss.
Twin Bridges * The twin bridges are two parallel bridges and consist of a total of six levels, whereby only one bridge has to be completed in order to reach the final boss Ludwig von Koopa.
Forest of Illusion * This world, the forest of illusion, consists of eight levels, one of which is a haunted house, and the blue counter palace. The name of the forest of illusion is that you turn in a circle at one point instead of moving forward, if you only use the regular exits. The final boss is Roy Koopa.
Chocolate Island * There are six normal levels and three secret levels in this world. The name of the island comes from its brown surface. The final boss is Bowser's only daughter, Wendy O. Koopa. Typical opponents of this island are mini-rhinos and the larger dino-rhinos.
Valley of Bowser * In the last world there are seven normal levels and three secret levels. It can also be reached via the secret Star Road, which means that you have to play significantly fewer levels. The boss of this world is Larry Koopa. In a huge castle, Bowser then waits for the final exchange of blows.

* Name in remake Super Mario Advance 2

Secret worlds [edit | Edit source]