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. 2.1 Danton or Robespierre. A traditional topos of the French revolutionary historiography of the 20th century. When the discussion about the French Revolution shifted to the universities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Danton and Robespierre embody different attitudes towards the revolution. While the holder of the first professorship in the history of the French Revolution, Alphonse Aulard, glorified Danton as a republican hero, his successor Albert Mathiez took Robespierre's side. In Aulard's interpretation of the revolution, the Declaration of Human Rights of 1789 and the Constitution of 1793 are at the center, since, in his view, they formed the basis for France's development into a democratic republic. Aulard tries to excuse the difference between the principles of the revolution propagated in parliamentary debates and the violent measures of the reign of terror by referring to the threat posed by the counterrevolution. According to Furet, he is striving for the “reconciliation posthume des hommes et des époques de la révolution” 1 and, against this background, sees in Danton the hero who allows him to resolve the contradiction between the ideas of the legislative assembly on the one hand and the Overcome welfare committee policies on the other hand. Aulard interprets the first French revolution as the first step on the way to the victory of the French republicans a century later - while he was still alive. 2 The socialist Albert Mathiez, 1908 co-founder of the "Société des Etudes robespierristes", aims in contrast. ..

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