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What can you do with Odoo Forum?

Drive more traffic to your website

Discussions are indexed and can be found using search engines.

Rank for more keywords and improve your SEO with fresh content created by your community on a daily basis. Search engines like Google always reward websites that offer unique and regular content.

See beforehand what your customers will need

Find and benefit
of the interesting topics.

Track your customers' needs and wants by analyzing the most popular, viewed and shared topics. The forum is built into Google Analytics to help you keep track of likes and shares - even outside of your website.

Build your own documentation library

Use remarkable answers
from your community again

Turn the best answers into official documentation with just one click using a dedicated tool.

Give to your visitors
the information they need

Promote collaboration
and generate insightful discussions

Position your website as a reliable source of information and solve your visitors' problems by giving them the information they need. Make sure everyone takes advantage of the discussions and responses given and becomes experts in their particular field. Let them share rich media in no time.

Offer excellent customer satisfaction

Improve your product support and reduce your workload.

Better than a hotline or FAQ section, a forum allows your customers to quickly ask questions and find answers without wasting time on the phone, which saves you money! It's the most powerful database you can find. Your employees and your whole community take part!

Keep your community engaged and your content relevant.

Use motivational triggers to reward your contributors

Grant badges to your members for their questions, answers, shares, likes and votes to reward the most active. Set up a moderation system with karma points to give your most active members access to more features and reduce spam messages.

Completely integrated in Odoo apps

Email Marketing

Design efficient email campaigns. Submit them, convert opportunities into customers, and track your success.


Get more leads with a marketing strategy full of compelling content.


Create chic and attractive event pages. Sell ​​online and organize on site.

Live chat

Engage directly with your website visitors to attract leads and drive online sales.

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