What can we learn at Loyola College

Loyola High School & Jr. College

Loyola High School & Junior College is an English middle school in the Indian city of Pune. It was named after Ignatius von Loyola, a 15th century saint who acted out of love for God and his fellow human beings. Loyola was a major co-founder of the Jesuit Order who has been active in the field of education around the world since its inception. The school was founded in 1961 as a school for boys, but the Junior College has also been open to girls since 2012. Both educational institutions are recognized by the Maharashtra state government. Our school is supported by the “Poona Catholic Educational Association” and the “Poona Jesuit Schools Society”, whose members belong to the Christian minority in the region.

Who are our students?

Young people from every social class, with every religion and belief are taught here in English. Boys and girls are raised to be adults with a deep belief in God, profound spiritual and intellectual knowledge, and a high degree of emotional maturity and humanity. You should later be able to contribute something useful to society. The motto of our school is "Men for others" and spiritual development plays an important role in this. In addition, our school also has a large sports program.

German at our school

In the state of Maharashtra, some schools offer the opportunity to learn German as a third language from the 8th grade onwards. German is also a compulsory elective at our Junior College and is offered in the 11th and 12th grades. The majority of our students pass the state German exams every year and many of them also successfully take part in various German competitions.

Outside of the classroom, our students do projects and prepare presentations on various topics relating to the country. Guests are also regularly invited to inform the students about further study opportunities in Germany. Many of our former students are now studying at German universities.