Why is Sheffield Wednesday called that

English second division team punished for selling stadium

The traditional English club Sheffield Wednesday starts the next season in the second-rate championship with -12 points. The reason for this is the stadium sale a few years ago.

The clubs of the English Football League (2nd to 4th league) only make a loss of a maximum of 44 million euros over three seasons. If you cross this limit, you face penalties. In recent years, numerous clubs have made use of what appears to be a loophole by selling their stadium from club ownership to club owners. The sums made up the difference. In recent years, Reading, Derby County, Aston Villa and Sheffield Wednesday have wanted to bypass financial fair play.

Basically, this compensation measure is lawful, the sale of Hillsborough Stadium was in itself okay. The EFL has been scrutinizing the sale for a long time, with the league organization bringing charges against the club in November 2019.

In November it was criticized that the payment in eight installments was just as unusual as the sum of 70 million euros, and the timing of the announcement shortly before the end of the regulatory period was also questioned. The club now had over half a year to describe the sale, but failed. The stadium sale appeared on the club's invoices for the 2017/18 season, but was not completed until a year later. That punished the EFL. The stadium sale itself is compatible with the regulations.

Competitor wants to sue

The fact that the points will only be deducted in the coming season bothers Charlton Athletic in particular. The Londoners would keep the class with a point deduction on the past season, Sheffield would be relegated to the third-rate League One. The people in charge at Charlton have already announced that they will take legal action.

However, Sheffield has been punished by an independent body, the league's regulations have not set a specific penalty for such behavior. The club welcomed the decision that the board had acquitted the club of "malicious acts" but is considering an appeal nonetheless.

Season ticket holders have to wait

In January, Sheffield Wednesday presented an innovative season ticket model. With the purchase you secure your place for at least 15 years - depending on your athletic performance. The special thing about this long-term season ticket is that the ten years (5 years are available as a bonus) only begin with promotion to the Premier League. Every season before returning to the first division - the four-time champions last played in the Premier League in 2000 - is included in the total price. This means that the ticket has a lifetime validity should Sheffield never go back up. In the coming season, the team will start the season 12 points behind, so that the Premier League has moved further into the distance for the time being. (Stadionwelt, August 3rd, 2020)

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