Why are my PS3 controller buttons stuck

PS4 controller is defective? You can do that now to save him

Your Dualshock can withstand a lot: its buttons are pressed hectically in multiplayer mode, its joysticks are powerfully bent in breakneck directions. It is clear that he will give up the ghost at some point due to this constant stress. But what can you do to repair your defective PS4 controller yourself and quickly immerse yourself in the game world again? UPDATED explains it to you.

PS4 controller: when to repair it yourself?

If the PS4 controller suddenly becomes defective, the first question that arises is what is broken - and whether you can even fix the problem yourself. If only one key is stuck, you can remedy the situation quickly and easilyby cleaning the controller particularly thoroughly. Even damaged keys that no longer accept commands can be replaced with a little sensitivity and patience.

If, on the other hand, the controller fails as soon as it is no longer connected to the PlayStation via the charging cable, that is wrong Battery problem. However, this can be changed relatively easily yourself.

It becomes more difficult if something is wrong with the cables or the delicate electronics. Here you can without specialist knowledge unfortunately nothing more. In such a case, it can make sense to contact the Sony customer service department directly.

Note: If you open your controller to inspect it a little more closely, you will void the device's warranty. So if the first problems arise during the warranty period, it is better to take the Dualshock to a professional repair service. If the warranty has already expired, it can be useful to contact to buy a new controller directly. The repair costs often exceed the price for a new purchase.

PS4 controller won't connect: you can do that

PS4 controller: easy repair at home

If the buttons on your PS4 controller no longer work, that doesn't mean anything bad. Often the buttons are only stuck because they, for example have not been cleaned for too long. If you notice that special keys no longer serve their purpose, it is worth opening and cleaning the Dualshock. Proceed as follows:

  1. Place your Dualshock on a table with the back side up. You will now see four small Phillips screws, two on the left handle, two on the right.
  2. Remove the screws with a suitable screwdriver.
  3. Once you have removed all screws, you can carefully pry open the controller, i.e. separate the front and back.
  4. To do this, drive a narrow object, such as a small spatula, into the joint in the middle of the device. Start on the outside and work your way towards the middle and inside.
  5. If both sides are now separated from each other, fold the top carefully and slowly backwards, like the lid of a bucket.
  6. You will see a white, flat cable, the flex tape. Use a pair of pliers to carefully pull it out of its anchorage so that the Dualshock halves are completely separated.
  7. You can put the lower shell to one side. Now remove the electronic inner workings on the top of the controller - the so-called circuit board - by lifting it slightly, pulling off a flexible tape again with pliers and detaching it from the shell.
  8. Now carefully run a lint-free, slightly damp household cloth over the inside of the controller. If necessary, you can remove the rubber from the underside of the buttons and clean everything thoroughly.

Once you have completely cleaned the inside, you reassemble the controller. Connect the flex cables to their ports, put the shells together and screw the screws back in. Now you should also thoroughly clean the outside of the controller.

Replace the controller buttons on the Dualshock

If cleaning the controller was unsuccessful, a button is most likely broken. Most of the time, the contact points no longer respond to your commands. Fortunately, you can Replacing buttons and joysticks is relatively easy. You can easily get PS4 spare parts online. Then you change them like this:

  1. Follow the instructions above. Disassemble the controller as described in steps 1 to 7.
  2. On the board itself you can see the two joysticks L3 and R3, as well as the outer command buttons R1, R2, L1 and L2. These buttons can all be easily clicked out and replaced with new, functional parts. Click the button you want to replace and keep the small metal spring.
  3. Place the metal spring on the designated bar of the new key. This is located on the inside of the button and is the only way where you can attach the spring, so it is easy to see.
  4. Place the button on the circuit board as it should be placed on the controller later. Thread the metal spring into the channel provided for it. He cannot be overlooked either.
  5. Check that the button springs back as usual after you press it.

If necessary, you can replace all joysticks and shoulder buttons on the PS controller with new models. In this way, the Dualshock can also be customized in terms of color.

By exchanging individual buttons, you can repair the defective Dualshock yourself.

Change the battery of the PS4 controller

Do you notice that your controller only works when it is connected to the PlayStation by cable? As soon as the cable is removed, the Dualshock immediately indicates that it needs to be charged or that it will be switched off shortly. In this case, the battery is probably over. Fortunately, this can be easily bought and replaced:

  1. Open the Dualshock as described in the above instructions from steps 1 to 7.
  2. You can see the large, grayish battery on the circuit board in the middle. It is connected to the circuit board by flexible tape. Use a pair of pliers to carefully pull off the flex tape.
  3. Now you can easily replace the old one with your new battery. Connect its flex tape to the circuit board.
  4. Now reassemble the controller piece by piece.

After you have replaced the battery, you first connect the controller and PS4 using a USB cable. The console is charging the new, dead battery. As soon as the battery has 100 percent juice again, you can pull it off and press the PS button. Now PS4 and Dualshock connect and you can play wirelessly again.

Prevention: keep PS4 controllers alive for a long time

To avoid the embarrassment of having to repair your PS4 controller, there are a few steps you can take to extend its life. This includes:

  • Regular cleaning: Dirt and dust usually make electronics difficult. So it is worthwhile to dust both the Dualshock and the PlayStation regularly and clean them with a damp, lint-free cloth. Find out in our guide to cleaning the PlayStation 4, controllers, VR glasses and cameras: How to keep the console really clean, how to properly care for your gaming corner.
  • Nursing treatment: When gambling, emotions boil. Nevertheless, the Dualshock should not suffer from spontaneous outbursts of anger. Picking or throwing it around is absolutely taboo. Above all, make sure not to throw it carelessly on hard surfaces (on the floor or the table), but always put it down carefully.
  • Correct storage: If you don't hold the Dualshock in your hand, you should assign it a fixed place that protects it from dust and dirt. If you take a long-term gaming break, you can pack the controller in a dust bag and stow it safely near the console.
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Repairing PS4 controllers yourself: easier than expected

If the Dualshock doesn't work as it should, gaming on the PS4 can quickly become a disaster. Fortunately, with a screwdriver and a few spare parts, you can fix many problems on your own relatively easily. Regular cleaning and storage in a dust-free place can also help you to keep the controller alive for a long time. Should he ever give up the ghost, it is worth taking a look at the warranty conditions - or buying a new one. So gaming on the console is definitely fun.

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