Is it okay to check for pirated content?

Microsoft brings authentication for office software

The manufacturer offers the option of voluntarily checking its installation with "Office Genuine Advantage". If a pirated copy is discovered, the user is reminded of it with constant notifications.

Microsoft customers can now check whether the Office suite they have installed is an original or a pirated copy. As part of a product update, users can voluntarily carry out the authenticity check. This requires the software to be installed. Microsoft calls the function "Office Genuine Advantage" (OGA) based on the "Windows Genuine Advantage" test known from Windows operating systems.

Notification remains

If an Office installation is a fake version, a pop-up appears twice a day informing the user of this. 30 days later, a bar with a red warning is displayed in the Office applications. That stays too. Because once OGA is installed, the notifications can no longer be hidden.

Many pirated copies contaminated with viruses

According to its own statement, Microsoft does not want to punish users, but rather protect them from dangerous content. 43 percent of illegal software copies come on board with viruses and other pests, according to the company. In Austria, the proportion of pirate versions in the software used in the country would be 24 percent.