What are the best restaurants in Munich

The top 10 of the best restaurants in Munich

Top 10: The best restaurants in Munich

  1. Hello Heidi
  2. Trattoria da Fausto
  3. Shami
  4. Little London Bar & Grill
  5. Naxos Taverna
  6. Longgrain Thai Cuisine
  7. Cotidiano
  8. Schwarzreiter
  9. Broeding
  10. Thalassa


The number 1 among Bavarian restaurants: Servus Heidi



The popular restaurant "Servus Heidi" is a "Modern Bavarian Wirtshaus". If you want to eat regionally in Munich, you should definitely stop by there! In a relaxed atmosphere you can expect a lot, because Bavarian cuisine does not only consist of dumplings and pork knuckle.

Landsberger Strasse 73, 80339 Munich

2. The number 1 Italian: Trattoria da Fausto


The most popular Italian in Munich is "Trattoria da Fausto". The Italian specialties and the familiar approach to the guests make the restaurant a real experience.

Helmtrudenstrasse 1, 80805 Munich

3. The No.1 Asian: Shami


The "Shami" restaurant is the most popular Asian restaurant in Munich. With its innovative, young and urban concept you can expect a mixture of street kitchen, bar and restaurant. The Vietnamese dishes with Japanese influences guarantee a taste experience.

Marktstrasse 6, 80802 Munich

4. # 1 Best Steakhouse: Little London Bar & Grill


This popular steakhouse is in the middle of Munich. You can choose between different types of meat and have them prepared individually. This always creates a unique aroma. So just the thing for all meat fans.

Tal 31, 80331 Munich

5. The No. 1 Greek restaurant: Naxos Taverna


The hippest Greek in Munich is the "Naxos Taverna". From seafood to gyros, fish and homemade desserts, this restaurant also offers gluten-free dishes. In a pleasant ambience, you can eat very comfortably there, especially in the evening.

Verdistraße 33, 81247 Munich

6. The No. 1 in Thai cuisine: Longgrain Thai Cuisine


This Thai is best received by the majority of Munich residents! Above all, this restaurant focuses on authenticity and the preservation of real Thai cuisine. It is also particularly great that all dishes are prepared without the addition of flavor enhancers.

Belgradstrasse 45, Munich 80796

7. The No. 1 of the best cafes: Cotidiano


In the middle of the Gärtnerplatz is the "Cotidiano", a restaurant perfect for breakfast or for snacks in between. As the most popular cafe, the "Cotidiano" naturally has a lot to offer. First and foremost an additional changing weekly menu in addition to the normal menu. The kitchen is very varied and invites you to eat until late in the evening.

Gärtnerplatz 6, 80469 Munich

8. The overall No. 1 of the restaurants: Schwarzreiter



By far the most popular restaurant in all of Munich is the "Schwarzreiter". Real Munich residents get their money's worth here. The restaurant is based on the roots and traditions of Munich, but reinterprets Bavarian cuisine as Young Bavarian Cuisine.

Maximilianstrasse 17, 80539 Munich

9. Number 2 of the most popular restaurants overall: Broeding

Broeding is another restaurant in Munich that is one of the most popular over the top. In addition to the restaurant, Broeding also offers catering and individual Austrian wines. The menus change daily and there are five to six courses. As a little tip: reserve in advance!

Schulstr. 9, 80634 Munich

10. The number three most popular eateries overall: Thalassa


Another Greek who made it into our top 10 ranking is "Thalassa". From fish and meat dishes, side dishes to desserts, this restaurant has everything. There is also a large selection of original local wines. The particularly family-friendly restaurant is perfect for relaxed evenings and also for large business and family celebrations.

Cimbernstrasse 3, 81377 Munich