How can I discover myself through writing?

Discover yourself through creative writing in a community and solve writer's block by writing

The message is simple: Writer's block is a natural phenomenon and is part of every writing process. Almost everyone has experienced it before and almost everyone knows it.

And one more thing is clear: writing is thinking and writing is learned through writing. Writing in a community is particularly fun.

What does writer's block look like? The writer does not write. There is a writing assignment from school, university, at work and the sheet remains white. The apartment is very clean, shopping has been done, bills have been paid, e-mails answered, laundry done ... and the sheet remains empty.

Writing is a very individual and personal process. In writing, the person who writes shows himself through his thoughts and words. This can scare you, trigger shame, and thereby inhibit and block writing a text. It is also difficult to talk about it or even to publish the planned text.

With my text I show myself to the world.

I step out of my inner space.

Because people need trust and security to write.

I would like to briefly tell you how I got out of my own writer's block:

How I overcame my own writer's block

I had a very hard time with academic writing at university. What I experienced was: Many share this feeling and nobody talks about it.

Soon I felt like so many students, I ran the risk of not completing my studies because I was busy with the housework for so long and just put it off before me. At some point it was clear: stop! I said to myself: I am currently blocking my writing. This acknowledgment and admission that this is the case has cost me a lot of courage. Fortunately, there was a writing center at my university. In America, scientific work always includes a “writing center”. These are only found sporadically in Germany. I went to a writing counseling session. That was the solution. In three steps I learned the way out of the blockage:

  1. Step: acceptance. Admit I have writer's block.
  2. Step: opening. I communicate with others about it.
  3. Step: The solution is action.

A few weeks later I went on a writing trip to the Oderbruch. Here I got to know and love creative writing, so that two years later I completed my training as a writing trainer and writing consultant.

Powerful and warm: creative writing in a group

Since 2016 I have been offering creative writing evenings in Pankow together with the poetry teacher Carola Rennoch. Time and again we experience that writing is a very personal process that needs a protected space. That's why we write together on several evenings in and with a fixed circle of text friends.

Writing is the best way to relate to yourself. If you do it together, several people come into contact with one another. Writing connects. Writing sends out impulses. Writing opens. Myself. For me. And for others. We experience writing in community as very powerful, creative and warm. Writing releases and makes you laugh! Even in the laugh itself, one or the other blockage dissolves.

We use various creative techniques to approach abstract or biographical topics in this way. This includes the clustering according to Gabriele L. Rico, the ABC-Darium, the Kryptychon, the automatic writing according to Breton, meditations, and at the end we write in the group.

In this way, the blockage can fall in just one evening, as we find an expression of ourselves in a trusting environment that we may not have admitted to ourselves.

A group poem

Magically entranced
Letting go completely
Don't have to think anymore
Bite your tongue
Please just not that
Brush the gums until they are bloody

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