Which cloud providers use CloudStack

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CloudStack (http://cloudstack.org) is also an open source platform for cloud computing. It was originally developed by Cloud.com. After acquiring Cloud.com in July 2011, Citrix Systems declared itself the main sponsor of the CloudStack project. The development of the first CloudStack version took about two years. The first official release as open source software under the GNU General Public License 3.0 followed in May 2012.

CloudStack is a platform written in Java for building and managing scalable infrastructures. Many hypervisors are currently supported, including VMware, Oracle VM, KVM, XenServer and the Xen Cloud Platform. The configuration and management of the cloud infrastructure can take place in three different ways: with a web interface, a command line or a RESTful API.

CloudStack is essentially made up of five sub-areas: The Compute Controller for controlling computing power, the Network Controller for controlling the virtual network and the Storage Controller, which is responsible for BlockStorage storage management. These three components have direct access to the underlying physical hardware. The CloudStack Orchestration Engine, which is responsible for the actual construction, control and administration of the infrastructures developed with CloudStack, is based on the components. The last component above is the CloudStack API, which receives commands from the web interface, command line or directly via REST and forwards them to the orchestration engine for processing.

In addition to Citrix Systems, many other well-known companies support the CloudStack project, including RightScale, PuppetLabs, Juniper Networks, Enstratus, TrendMicro, Intel and Equinix.