How many AWACS does Pakistan have

Breakdown: No AWACS over Afghanistan

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed like planes would crash en masse over Afghanistan if AWACS is not deployed. The Bundestag acted quickly, but the machines are still not in the Hindu Kush.

It was July 2nd. In an evening session, the members of the German Bundestag had to go again. In a roll call, 461 of 557 voted for the expansion of the German armed forces in Afghanistan. Since then, up to 300 German soldiers have been able to monitor Afghan airspace with four AWACS machines.

It was said that there was a need to hurry because the increase in military and civil air traffic over the combat region required "coordination and increased security of the airspace." The Defense Ministry argued that the Afghan air traffic control facilities were still at a "rudimentary stage." The AWACS would take over the function of a "flying tower". That is also in the interests of the Germans, because they make 51 percent of the transport flights for material and personnel in Afghanistan. Said Minister Franz Josef Jung.

But what seemed so urgent obviously has a lot of time. Even almost two months after the Bundestag decision, not one of the NATO radar aircraft from Geilenkirchen is circling in the contract area. In June, three machines were stationed at the Turkish air base Konya. But they stayed on the ground because Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan refused the necessary overflight permits. Therefore, the AWACS systems could not reach Afghanistan. On June 26th she was ordered back to Geilenkirchen.

The Court of Auditors will probably have to deal with this waste of money, especially since the federal government is not yet ready to disclose the reasons for the refusal of the two states.

Now NATO is trying to get another access to Afghanistan through diplomatic channels. Negotiations are being made with the United Arab Emirates about a stationing of the AWACS aircraft. From there, only Pakistan can be requested as an overflight country. Its consent is considered certain.

On the other hand, opposition MPs still suspect that the establishment of civil aviation security with the help of the AWACS machines is only an Ā»attempt at deceptionĀ«. AWACS was developed as a tool of warfare. In Afghanistan, the planes will primarily be used to coordinate reconnaissance and bombing missions.

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