Is there an online dance tutorial

30 great websites for learning to dance online [infographic].

Finally learning to dance - have you been dreaming of that for a long time? Then we have something for you: Our large infographic with the 30 best websites to learn to dance online.

We scoured the internet and compiled the top dance sites - of Salsa, Tango, Discofox and swing up to pole dance everything is there!

Infographic: Learning to dance is now also online. We have summarized the best websites for you. You can download the entire infographic here.

As you can see, exist for all popular dance styles excellent websites for learning to dance by video. But what exactly is the difference between the platforms? We looked at all the pages and asked the operators of the portals. These are their answers:

Top websites by dance style

Dance dojo

  • Patrick and Scarlet are two-time Canadian salsa champions and medalists at the World Salsa Summit. You have helped hundreds of dance students learn salsa.
  • Over 120 salsa lessons are waiting for you at Dance Dojo - from the basics for beginners to advanced steps and figures for real salsa professionals.
  • Especially the high video and sound quality as well as the logical structure of the courses make Dance Dojo a top site for learning salsa.

Salsa Online Academy

  • In over 400 consecutive video lessons, those interested learn to dance salsa. From the most important basics to sophisticated dance steps, Hardy and his dance partner show everything exactly.
  • All videos are available in brilliant HD quality and are filmed from different camera angles. So every single step can be danced correctly immediately and practiced until it sits.
  • The online video course is aimed at beginners as well as advanced users. Even people who have never danced salsa before can make very good progress with this new learning concept in a short time.

gotta salsa

  • Gotta Salsa believes that anyone can learn to dance. Not only are the movement sequences rehearsed, but the foundations for real dance success are laid step by step.
  • The dance teachers David and Jennifer Stein are real salsa professionals.
  • All videos are structured, easy to understand and, at the same time, great fun to watch. The learners can fully concentrate on learning to dance.


  • Discofox is by far the most popular couple dance in Germany. It is danced up and down at weddings, evening events and family celebrations. Doodance is the # 1 website for learning to dance Discofox online.
  • Thanks to Doodance's special teaching method, rapid learning success is guaranteed. After a short time you will have mastered the basic step and some effective figures that you can easily combine with each other. One thing is particularly important to the Doodance team: The Discofox dance course is structured in such a way that you can come along even if you have never danced before.
  • In addition, there are many tips, exercises for leading and following, lessons on rhythm, music and beat as well as an exercise playlist with the best Discofox songs. Do you feel like learning to dance Discofox now? Then take a look at the free YouTube video on the Discofox basic step right away.
In this video you will learn step by step how to dance the basic Discofox step.

Get the dance

  • In an entertaining and professional way, ADTV dance teacher Markus Schöffl and his partner Tine convey basic steps, turns, transitions and winding figures, with which you can let your creativity run free!
  • There are lessons for both Discofox beginners and advanced learners. The latter, in particular, can look forward to the fact that things get right down to business quickly with ingenious swivel figures.

Wendt dance school

  • Dance teacher Lars Wendt from the Wendt dance school in Hamburg shows dance basics. In the dance school Hamburg you will get to know the first dance steps.
  • On the Youtube channel of the Wendt dance school you will regularly find new online dance courses, interesting dance steps and dance sequences for dances other than Discofox.