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5 good free icon fonts for your business cards

Put an end to the antiquated, forever identical telephone symbols from Wingdings and Zapf Dingbats! To spice up your business cards with cool icons, you can choose from several professional free fonts. Here are 5 hand-picked symbol sets that contain all the important characters for business cards - including an application example and links to download.


Finding dingbat fonts that are really useful for designing business cards can be quite time consuming - there are thousands of symbol fonts, but only a fraction of them contain the essential symbols. Telephone, fax, mobile phone, e-mail and the web are a must, icons for addresses are becoming more and more fashionable, often based on the representation in Google Maps.

By the way, icons instead of written out labels are not only a pretty design detail - they are also understandable internationally and sometimes even save the foreign language second business card or a corresponding back.

Further hurdles on the way to the perfect icon font for your business cards: The style of the characters used must match the corporate design of the company, should not appear too bold and not too lean, be easily recognizable even in tiny sizes - and ultimately also good among each other harmonize. Often enough, a free font contains characters that are thrown together at random and do not really fit together.

But they do exist - the good free fonts with harmonious symbols for smart business cards. This makes it very easy to replace the usual terms such as “Tel:”, “Fax:” etc. with attractive symbols.

Let's take our simple “Sample Corporation” card and see what can be done with it. For example, without icons, it looks like this:


And now the beefed up versions. In the examples, symbols that are as similar as possible have been used, where available, so that they can be easily compared. Most of the fonts presented contain several alternatives for one and the same meaning.

1. Elegant icons

This font is a goodie from the WordPress theme provider Elegantthemes, contains more than 350 other characters for contact symbols and was actually designed for web design:

2. Icon Works

Icon Works is an extensive dingbat collection of professionally designed icons. The even line width results in a very pleasant, even typeface. Donations from users are welcome - from € 7.– there is a great poster with the entire overview of characters.

3. PWSmallIcons

And now something completely different: the font PWSmallIcons, by Peax Webdesign. The scribbled icons are not only ideal for casual, relaxed designs, but can also create a refreshing contrast to strict letters:


4. Font-Awesome

The name is certainly not wrongly chosen - because not only the sheer size (628 characters) of this icon font is convincing.


5. Heydings icons

The Heydings icons are particularly useful for setting business cards because all the symbols have the same width - so in our example they are nicely centered one below the other. That looks good and saves the laborious formatting with tabs.

All of the fonts presented are free for private as well as commercial use and can therefore also be used within a company without license costs.