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Fundamental; So far there are no long-term (40y. +) Studies on energy drinks regarding excessive consumption and its consequences. More like coffee there.

But it is undisputed that excessive consumption of energy drinks attacks the stomach and / or the heart and can change the secretion of various messenger substances in the brain, which leads to a kind of "addiction". Analogous to coffee.

If other "side effects" occur, their consequences can be more difficult to treat than a possible intolerance to Ritalin or its generic and substitution medications.

Here is an excerpt from "SubstanceDrink", an e-drink manufacturer with relatively "natural" ingredients;

Caffeine in ADHD

In numerous blogs you read again and again from mostly young people who exchange ideas on the subject of ADHD. A statement on the Internet reads as follows: "When I have energy drinks, I am somehow calmer and more relaxed". Another description is as follows: "By chance I noticed that if I drink 1-2 sugar-free energy drinks, my concentration improves significantly."

Both statements describe the symptom treatment of energy drinks to increase concentration. Interestingly, the comments on coffee often read contrary to the experiences with energy drinks. For example: "But when I drink coffee I get even more restless and nervous than I already am". Or: "Coffee hardly has any effect on me."

Not all caffeine is created equal

So how does the discrepancy between the statements made by caffeinated beverages come about? Why do energy drinks (with or without sugar) seem to improve the ability of ADHD sufferers to concentrate, whereas coffee has no or even an unpleasant effect of increased restlessness?

People with ADHD generally use caffeinated beverages for their own purposes. This can sometimes lead to a greatly increased consumption of coffee and energy drinks. The paradoxical effect is particularly evident here: hyperactive calms it down, hypoactive wakes it up. However, the individual consequences of consuming different caffeinated drinks are different. You can see that in the comments above. *

Nevertheless, many sufferers complain of the problems that come to light sooner or later with excessive coffee and energy drink consumption. These include stomach intolerance or nervous restlessness.