Are keratin treatments worth the cost

Keratin treatment

The formula for success for silky smooth, shiny hair!

The hyped NEWSHA straightening system conjures up a breathtakingly smooth, frizz-free hair structure for a period of up to 6 months.

Naturalness and basic volume are retained - the hair convinces with a silky hair feel and enviable shine. The perfected system offers the perfect smoothing for every curl - thanks to three highly effective active ingredient formulas tailored to the strength of the curl.

Infusion infuses natural keratin into the cuticle, seals it and gives the hair shine and suppleness. The hair is filled with putty substance and enriched with natural keratin. Especially for a normal or slightly damaged hair structure. A concentrated keratin serum that repairs, improves and strengthens hair. It accumulates lost keratin in the hair structure and ensures healthy, shiny, straight hair. Its unique formula opens the hair surface with an increased pH value and deposits keratin proteins.

The hair is then revitalized during heat styling (blow-drying or straightening) and the intensive nutrients are locked in. The hair feels stronger, fuller and shinier from application to application. The more often this effective regeneration treatment is used, the stronger the care effect. Hairdressing is made much easier, the hair is easier to blow-dry and straighten if necessary. It immediately gets an intense shine. The highly concentrated nutrients build up the hair structure from the inside. The durability of the hair color is extended, intensified and natural tones are refined. We work with NEWSHA products.