What are some beautiful biblical house names

Biblical names 40 first names for boys and girls from the Bible

First nameOrigin / meaningAdinaAdina means "noble and noble" in Hebrew. These are of course qualities that you would like to put into your daughter's cradle! In the Bible, however, Adina is a male knight who was contemporary of King David of Israel. Nevertheless, today Adina is given as a female name.DeborahDeborah stands for the bee and is of Hebrew origin. In the Old Testament, the prophetess Deborah leads the people of Israel to victory against Jabin with God's help. The bee is a hard-working, but also a defensive animal - qualities that you can only wish for your daughter. DelilahAs Samson's lover, Delilah betrayed the god-blessed hero to his enemies, after which her biblical trace is lost in the dark. There is also no clear information about the meaning: Delilah could mean "the night blown", since she is considered the opponent of the sunny Samson, but it could also stand for a petite woman. Anyway: Delilah is a beautiful sounding name from the Bible.ElisabethAs the mother of John the Baptist, Elisabeth is an important person in the New Testament. Originally derived from the Greek, Elisabeth means "the one who is filled with God".EstherEsther probably comes from Persian and probably means "star". In the Tanach, Esther is the wife of the Persian king Xerxes I, and through her farsighted actions she was able to save the Jews from being exterminated by the Persians.EvaAs the wife of Adam, she is of course central to the creation story of the book of Genesis. As the first mother of all humanity, no other name than Eva came into question: it means "who gives life". Ezra"God helps you" is the translation of the Aramaic name Ezra. In the Old Testament, the prophet Ezra describes the story of the liberation of the Jews from Babylonian rule. Today, Ezra is a name that is more likely to be given to a girl. JeminaThe Hebrew name Jemina means "the servant of God" on the one hand and "wealth" on the other. In the Bible, Jemina is one of the daughters who are born to Job after his misfortune and who save him from deepest sorrow. What a beautiful name for a daughter!JudithJudith saves the Israeli people from the Assyrians in the Bible. By killing Holofernes, she enables the Israelites to defeat the mighty Assyrians. As the name suggests, Judith means "Judean woman".LilithThe sweet name is probably of Sumerian origin and is a mistress of ghosts and demons. In the Bible, Lilith appears as a desert inhabitant only in a few translations. Nevertheless: Lilith sounds so beautiful that the name cannot be missing.LydiaLydia von Philippi plays an important role in the Acts of the Apostles: As the hostess mother of Paul, she was baptized and her relatives. Lydia thus became one of the first Christian women. Like many names, Lydia is a geographical name and means something like "the woman from Lydia".MagdalenaDue to the New Testament figure Mary of Magdala, the name became known only late. Mary Magdalene was a close companion of Jesus and a witness of the resurrection; the risen Son of God appeared to her as the first person ever. MilkaNo, Milka is not just chocolate, but the name of Esau and Jakob's great-grandmother. She only plays a small role in the Bible, but her name translates as "the mighty" or "the regent". MiriamMiriam is one of the central names in the Bible. In the Tanach Miriam is the older sister of Moses, in the New Testament the name Miriam became Mary, Mother of God.Noemi"The pleasant, lovely and friendly-minded" Noemi is in the biblical story an ancestor of King David and therefore an important person in the history of the Israelites.RachelRachel comes from the Hebrew and means "grace of God". In the Old Testament, Rachel was a wife of Jacob and the mother of Benjamin.RebekahIn the Torah and the Old Testament, Rebekah plays a central role in the narrative of the descent of the Israelites. As the wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau, Rebekah is one of the patriarchs of the Israelite people. The meaning is not entirely clear, but could stand for "those blessed with patience" - a nice quality!RuthRe'ut is a Hebrew name that is still used today. It means something like "friend" or "companion". In the Bible, Ruth is the main character of her own book, after she finally gives birth to a son after a hard life: the father of the famous King David.SalomeAs a disciple of Jesus, Salome of Galilee had to watch the crucifixion of the Son of God, but Salome, together with Mary Magdalene, is the first to witness the resurrection. Anyone who was allowed to see this miracle must be a very special person: Peace was one of the great themes of Jesus and Salome means nothing less than "the peaceful one".SarahSarah stands for a powerful woman or a princess. As Abraham's wife, the biblical Sarah is also one of the patriarchs of the chosen people of Israel.